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How to Enable Picture-In-Picture Mode in Android O without Rooting


One of the newest features of Android O is Picture-in-Picture Mode for Android devices. Yeah, PIP mode is totally new to Android devices and this allows the users to separate a video from its player just like multitasking. This Picture-In-Picture mode works perfectly only for YouTube App only. If you want to know how to enable Picture-in-picture mode on your Android O developer preview [O DP1] device, then do check the rest of this post. This post is all about Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode in Android O.

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To try this PIP mode you don’t need any root access, just we need to make some tweaks in the settings section. The Picture-in-Picture mode in Android O seems to be working great and the preview window is adjustable and it can close anytime. At present, the Picture-in-Picture mode only supports the latest Youtube App soon it works for other players like Mx player and more. The player window can be minimised to a small size just above the home screen. The picture-in-picture feature comes very handily while listening to music or watching videos by doing other work!

Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode in Android O

So how to activate the Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode in Android O? Android O’s Picture-in-Picture Mode? How to display this key only in certain apps? Here’s how?

Along with this, you will get new Android O navigation bar which is customizable and it comes with special key codes. As I mentioned earlier, this is a totally simple task to get Picture-In-Picture in Android O without any rooting.
Enable Picture-In-Picture Mode in Android O

Let’s check how to activate Picture-in-Picture in Android O on your android device without rooting!

How to Enable Picture-in-Picture in Android O Dev Preview?

Long press on the Setting COG and Enable system UI Tuner.

In the System UI Tuner, choose the Navigation Bar and click on Extra Right button Type and move ahead.

Now Select Keycode and tap on Right Keycode.

Enter the keycode 177 and save it by tapping on OK button.

Click on the Right icon and select the desired icon for your navigation bar.

That’s it! You will get new customised Android O navigation bar and enabled Picture-in-Picture mode.

How to Use Picture-in-Picture Mode on Android Device?

You can check by yourself, just by opening the YouTube App and play some videos. Tap the new icon on the navigation Bar icon and have fun! Your video window will be minimised to a small size as a Picture-in-Picture mode.

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