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Franklin Wireless Headphones Review: Great Audio, Awesome Pricing

Franklin Wireless Headphones Review

This article features a detailed Franklin Wireless headphones review and analysis of the product.

There are no shortages of wired and wireless headphones out there in the market currently. Wireless headphones in specific are manufactured by a variety of brands, both global and local, and are available in various price brackets, starting from way below $100 all the way up to a $1000 or more.

With so many best wireless headphones options available out there, most of us get confused while trying to buy a pair of headphones. As no matter what our price category is, we will indeed find many headphones options to choose from. And most of the time we end up buying a pair of headphones where we compromise one thing for the other, mostly either audio quality or comfort.

If you are looking for a pair of headphones that offer both good audio quality and good built quality then today we are here with the review of such a pair of headphones from TRNDlabs called the Franklin Wireless headphones. Read on with the Franklin Wireless Headphones review below to find more details about the product.

Franklin Wireless Headphones Review:

The Franklin Wireless headphones are stylish and sleek in terms of looks and do offer some really impressive audio output. The headphones come in an all-black color and can easily pair with any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices without any issues.

Franklin Wireless Headphones Review: Great Audio, Awesome Pricing

The foldable design of the Franklin wireless headphones means that it can comfortably fit in any of your bags or pouches, thus making it one of the most portable pair of headphones in its price range. The over-the-ear, soft earpads along with the flexible and ultra-slim design of the Franklin headphones ensures that wearing them over a long period of time does not hurt your ears.

Franklin Wireless Headphones Review: Great Audio, Awesome Pricing

The Franklin wireless headphones come with an inbuilt microphone to make use of voice activated commands while using your Smartphones or tablets and at the same time, to answer calls that you receive on your phone while you are using the Franklin headphones. All the controls are provided within the left earpiece shell, and the functions you can perform using the controls include increasing or decreasing the volume levels, change music tracks or answer and even end calls.

Franklin Wireless Headphones Review: Great Audio, Awesome Pricing

Talking about the audio output quality, the Franklin wireless headphones offers a very impressive audio listening experience with a good amount of bass and detail. The lows, mids, and highs are well-pronounced and the overall listening experience is very pleasant.

Franklin Wireless Headphones Review: Great Audio, Awesome Pricing

Talking about the battery backup of the Franklin wireless headphones, it offers one of the best battery back-ups for wireless headphones under its price range with the headphones reaching up to 175 hours on Standby and 10+ hours while using non-stop. The time taken for a complete charge from 0 percent is also comparatively lower at just around 2-3 hours. However, the USB cable bundled in the retail pack is not even USB 3.0, let alone USB Type-C.

Buy Franklin Wireless Headphones:

If you are interested in buying a pair of Franklin wireless headphones, then you can buy it from the official TRNDlabs store. As of now, the Franklin wireless headphones are sold for Rs. 3244 a pair. You can buy Franklin Headphones from here,

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Final Words:

Already using the Franklin Wireless Headphones? Then do leave a review on your experience with the Franklin wireless headphones as a comment below.

FRANKLIN Wireless Headphones
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    Design - 9/10
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    Performance - 8/10
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    Portability - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Battery Life - 9/10
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    Value for Money - 8/10


Franklin Wireless headphones are very portable and the 10 hours battery backup is awesome for a long trip!