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24 Top Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

If you’re looking for some top and Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools for your content’s authentications? Then you’re at right place. Here I share 24 best free online plagiarism checker tools that helps you to find out the plagiarism into your contents. Content creation is a very powerful and profitable things and these plagiarism checker tools helps you to find duplicate contents easily.
I’m always see that the most ethical issues with web owners and bloggers should always try to avoid Plagiarism . Plagiarism generally any things that involve in any copying content from any other websites or source, without any citations. 
24 Top Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools
Plagiarism are the generic data or information that almost every blogger or web owners knows about it . It is a very bad thing which no one like this if he want to work perfectly .

Due to publishing millions of pages daily, plagiarism becomes a very difficult but common problem for all, and is an evolving concern. There are many writers who writes articles, who like to copy the other writing contents and use them for their own websites or blogs without giving them any credits.

Google and all other major search engines does not like the term Plagiarism and plagiarized contents. If you committed any of these habits, then it would decreasing your web ranking in the search engines and and you can compromising your web ranking in the eyes of all search engines. If you also want to avoid this plagiarism issues, then the internet will provide the free facility and online contents checker tools to check your posts from plagiarisms.

Today in this post, I discuss the 24 top free online plagiarism checker tools to fight plagiarized contents and also copied contents. If you want to protecting your contents from copy caters and content theft, this article is the ultimate resource for you . Now check out the best free online copied content checkers.

What is Plagiarism ?

Plagiarism is some kinds of copied contents which is someone copy from any source from the internet, and use them without giving any credits to it’s original writer. The main owner does not know that , it’s contents or work copied by someone most of the times. So that’s why here are some best plagiarism checking tools, which help you in checking your contents ,of find your contents is copied someone or not .

Examples of Plagiarism

Here are some common examples of plagiarism listed below :

1 – Direct Plagiarism

Generally direct plagiarism will be detect easily, because in this plagiarism word for word copying from any source on the internet. So it will detect easily by anyone.

2 – Mosaic Plagiarism

This type of plagiarism will be occurs when any one mix some words, or phrases without pointing our the original source of where it is getting this idea. So it is very difficult to detecting .

Check 24 Best Online Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

#1 – Dupli Checker

Dupli Plagiarism Checker tool free online

Dupli Checker is the best but also a free plagiarism checking and detection software . It will help you a lot to avoid and check plagiarism into your contents and clean your contents from them. Simply go to site and checking the full result.

#2 – Plagiarism Checker – SmallSEOTools

Plagiarism Checker Tools by Small SEO Tools

This is the very best and powerful tool which I also used for checking contents clean from plagiarism. This tool provided by Small SEO Tools. Where many other tools also available which will help you a lot into your website SEO point of view. Simpy copy any contents and go to this site and paste them in a box given here, and click on check plagiarism.

#3 – Grammarly

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker tools free online

Grammarly generally developed for proofreading the texts and books and notes as well as detecting plagiarisms . As it’s name show that, it can checking the entire grammatically to your contents and find and detecting errors up to 205 types. It’s database is a very large, so it can check out the almost 9 billions web pages when you checking any contents for plagiarism. Check this tool, and if you want to get it’s all premium features then buy it.

#4 – Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism Check free online plagiarism checker tools

Plagiarism Check is a great online tools for you. This tool provides the free services to getting the full review about your contents against plagiarisms attacks. It’s main features is that, it can accept the all files formats. You can check and download also the plagiarism reports. It is very small but fast online tool.

#5 – PlagScan

PlagScan free online plagiarism checker tools

PlagScan also a very powerful and the best alternative of many top class checkers tools, to check duplicate contents or generates reports. PlagScan provide you the full customer supports and it’s GUI also very user friendly. It provide the free version, but if you want to get it’s premium version then subscribe it. But I recommended you to firstly use the trial version and then go to the Premium one.

#6 – Plagiarism Checker

24 Top Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

It is same like the Plagiarism Checker online tool, but it is especially designed for teachers, researchers and students for checking their materials, and research papers. You can easily check out the any web page or any documents and generates reports of any plagiarism detected or not.

#7 – Plagium

Plagium Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

Plagium is a very cool and nice plagiarism detection tool for your contents. Just simply paste out the text in the box provide it’s site and click on “Check” or “Search”. But if you want URL, then it also provide this facility . The main thing about it is that it’s all services are free of cost. So go to the Plagium Official site and check this free online tool.

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#8 – Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma Free Online Plagiarism Checker tools

Plagiarisma is also our best and recommended tool for you . It also provide it’s services free of charge. Simply copy your texts, and paste in the box provide this site and click on “Find Duplicate Contents” . You can also check any URL or any other web pages. There are also many options to input your files, documents, texts, contents. It also check out the grammatically errors and many other functions it have included in it.

#9 – Plagiarism Software

plagiarism software free online plagiarism checker tools

Plagiarism Software has been developed for checking the reality and originality of your contents. No any one can check their contents , and not like to know their contents are real or not . To detect the plagiarism was not an easy way but there are many free online tools which provide this facility. Plagiarism Software is one of them and is the best and top class tool.

#10 – QueText

quetext plagiarism checker tools free online

Quetext is a free and online plagiarism detection and checker tool or you can also say that software. Simply go to their official site and copy your contents and paste in the box provide in it’s site and click “Start” button and it will automatically checking the all plagiarism and duplicate contents into your documents.It also included many features as well.

#11 – CopyLeaks

copyleaks free online plagiarism checker tools

Copyleaks also provide the facility of free online plagiarism checker tool . It can also checking the copyright infringement of you website or blog. Copyleaks used the advanced technology. Simply submit your blog or website URL in the box and checking you contents are copied someone other or not.

#12 – Scanmyessay OR Viper

Scanmyessay or viber free online plagiarism checker tools

It is the very powerful and popular software which provide you the facility of checking the duplicate contents and plagiarism free of cost. It’s name is “Scanmyessay” but it can also be configured and famous with the name of “Viper” free online plagiarism detection tool. Viper is the fast and with user friendly interface design. Use it without any cost ,because it totally free.

#13 – Article Checker

Article checker free online plagiarism checker tools

Article Checker is a free online tool to provide the facility of checking your web contents duplication’s. You can easily and effectively use the ArticleChecker tool .Simply copy your contents and paste here and it will checking your contents from millions or billions of pages and provide the result in a seconds time. It is very awesome tool, you must try it.

#14 – Search Engine Reports – Plagiarism Checker Tool

search engine reports free online plagiarism checker tools

Search Engine Reports provide the free online duplicate contents finder . It is the best and free plagiarism checker tool all around the world. It was made by professionals so you may be fully satisfied it. Students and teachers can check their papers, journals, articles, from plagiarism and also it will check your grammar errors. Must be try it .

#15 – DustBall

Dustball free online plagiarism checker tools

Dustball is the practically best site for checking your contents or texts files. It is works according to all many other sites so you can also say that it is the alternative of the best checking tools online here. You can use it freely simply for checking the contents. But you can also buy it’s premium version.

#16 – Paper Rater

Paperrator free online plagiarism checker tools

Paper Rator is designed for educational purposes especially for students, teachers, educators, writers, etc. Every one can easily explore their contents and checking the duplicate or plagiarized contents and manage it properly. It can also checks the grammatically of your whole contents.

#17 – CopyScape

Copyscape free online plagiarism checker tools

CopyScape is the largest used and very powerful and famous online plagiarism checker tools in the world. It is used all around the globe. The best choice for all bloggers and contents writers. It will be detecting all your redundant contents into your websites or blogs in a very small time like in seconds. So we also recommended you to always use this tool.

#18 – Plag Tracker

plagtracker free online plagiarism checker tools

Here PlagTracker , you can scan your online texts from unlimited time. It will detect any type of plagiarism into your texts or documents and show you the full reports . If any kind of duplicate contents will found into your contents, it will also show you the web page links.

#19 – Plagiarism Plugin for WordPress

Free wordpress plugin for plagiarism checker tools

This is the free WordPress Plugins which is used to check out your contents against the plagiarism. It will also included many functions which checks the duplicate contents. If any older posts or other webpages detects it will show you the report. This is the best choice of WordPress Users.Try it ! ! !

#20 – WebConfs

webconfs free online plagiarism checker tools

Webconfs is a very popular website in the world and it allows you the many powerful and awesome SEO related small SEO tools which you can use to manage your site SEO. If your contents contain copyright or duplicate contents ,search engines will automatically find it and detect it. Your contents will be similar to the other websites and blogs on the internet. Use it.

#21 – DMCA Scan

DMCA scan free online plagiarism checker tools

DMCA SCAN is a world largest content protecting website which allow you to protect your web contents easily from adding here. You can also easily and freely add their badges into your website and checking the plagiarism , copyrighted or any kind of duplicate contents. Use there Plagiarism checker tools and detect any duplicate contents into your documents.

#22 – Check For Plagiarism

Check for plagiarism free online tools

Check For Plagiarism is a USA based company which helps you a lot to detecting the plagiarized contents and duplicate contents. It is developed by professionals developers, and computer scientists. It included many features. It provide free version as well as paid version.

#23 – iThenticate

iThenticate free online plagiarism checker tools

iThenticate is the very professional and leading plagiarism detection and find duplicated contents software which is used by world professionals writer’s, publishers, research institutions etc.

iThenticate helps the editors and authors to find plagiarized contents. It will checks around 60+ Billion web pages to check and detect plagiarism into your contents. If you’re are professional then must be try it once.

#24 – PlagiarismDetect

Plagiarism Detect free online tools

Plagiarism Detect is a powerful online professional tool which is developed for plagiarism checking about your documents. It is used smart multi-layered technology which is designed by world top class IT professionals. Simply copy your contents and paste in the box given it’s site, and check your documents against duplication or plagiarism. 

Final Words ! ! !

So this is the useful and very informative list of Top 24 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools.You can easily use these tools and find any kind of duplicated or plagiarized contents. Some of these tools are very powerful and we also used.

Now tell us in the comment box which tools you’re used and try to find the best tools and share it in the comment section with our audience. If you know any other best tools for checking plagiarism then also share with us, we can improve this list a lot. Thanks ! ! !