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11 Smart Tips To Get More Traffic from Google Plus


Today age is the time of socialism, so this is the time about engaged more traffic.
In the past few months, i’ll checking our blog stats and noticed that getting traffic from Facebook can be decreased and traffic getting from other sources like Google+ has just been increased and getting started to appear significant change. Now in this article , I’m sharing a 11 smart tips which help you to increase your blog traffic.

11 Smart Tips To Get More Traffic from Google Plus

Today, social media marketing has always been an amazing and wonderful way to drive more and more traffic to our websites and blogs . Many people use social media optimization and social media marketing of getting more traffic to their websites.

Google+ Plus no doubt is the best source of getting referral traffic. It also gives you the benefits more because it is the service of Google. So it is appeared on Google SERP’s and you’ll getting more and more organic traffic. Google+ has always been the best and powerful source for marketers and web owners , because it’s results are very powerful and beneficial.

Search Plus Your Words By Google 

Google Search is still searched the same, but now it will added more and more algorithms and techniques to change the search mechanisms. Your social media sites also affected the search results in Google Search Results Pages ( SERP’s ) . 

In short words, Google can now considered the people +1’s (Similar To Facebook Likes)  in Google Search Algorithms. So it will also affected your online results.

I personally using the Google Plus service all the time and getting more benefits from them. I’m also recommended you to markets your blog or website to this platform and get the unbelievable results and boosting your web traffic. In the past few months , i’ll getting thousands of visitors from a single Google Plus platform which is the best for my after Facebook and other.

Google+ community are not eventually active as more as on Facebook or Twitter, but the Google+ contains more than 600 Millions people online . So you can easily attract them by using some simple methods and increasing website traffic. Now here I’m discussed some methods which you can use to increasing website traffic using Google Plus platform.

11 Tips To Increase Website Traffic Using Google Plus

#1 – Every Time Use Headlines

When you shared your contents on Google Plus pages and Google Plus Communities, you’ll see that the engaged contents getting more visitors and more traffic to your blog. The main thing how to improve your post under thousands of other posts same like your contents.

11 Smart Tips To Get More Traffic from Google Plus

Many says that, Google+ is something like other social media site, but thats was not a story, basically Google+ is a mini blog posts community, where you can share everything with some methods and some techniques. When you share new contents always use a proper headlines for this, because people can see your headlines not contents.

Here is the screenshot of why it is important to adding your posts. Adding the right headlines will give you the more profit. So always use profitable and SEO optimized headlines to your contents.

#2 – Extend Your Circles and They Add You In Their Circles

Basically it is not an important technique, but if you do this it will also give you benefits. When you added other people to your circles, there posts will be shows to your feeds, so you can see , share and comments below them and also add your own blog url in the comments section for providing some unique and more beneficial contents just for helping the community.

11 Smart Tips To Get More Traffic from Google Plus

Also make yourself a unique , fresh, and quality brand, so when any one see you they will automatically added you to their circles, the people will add you to their circles, you will get more traffic. So keep try to do unique , so people will added you to their circles.

#3 – Complete Your Profile

11 Smart Tips To Get More Traffic from Google Plus

I often see that some people only create a Google Plus profile and then posting their contents . But it is not beneficial for you. Whenever you will making your Google Plus profile, first of all go to your about section and adding your personal details, like your Name, Your Address, Email, Phone, Website URL, and other social media links, which will help you to more visibility on the search results and getting more traffic.

#4 – Share Always Latest Contents / Updates

Some people can making their Gmail account and create a Google+ profile, but not often published and shared their contents on regularly. This is not good for you and your blog or website. Getting advantages on any online platforms, first of all you must be visible and live here as much time as you can, and share your latest ideas and latest updates which people will like and share to their own profiles. So always keep visible on Google Plus communities and your own profile and share your latest contents and posts every single day.

#5 – Try To Add Description into Your Own Words

11 Smart Tips To Get More Traffic from Google Plus

Basically as I mention above that, Google+ not only a single online social media site but also a mini blog posting platforms. So when you share your contents into your profiles and other different communities, always try to adding more description into your own words. Add similar keywords into description which will help you in your SEO point of view and giving you more benefits and provide you more traffic to your blog or website.

#6 – Using HashTag ( e.g : #GooglePlus )

As if you use Twitter or any other social media sites where Hashtag played an important role of reaching your posts more and more people. Same like in Google Plus. When you share anything into your profile, always use some relative hashtags which will includes your primary and secondary keywords . So when other people also use same hashtag your posts automatically seen their circles too. So it is very important technique in Google Plus as well as in Twitter.

#7 – Join More Communities For Massive Traffic

As you know that Google Plus contains more than 600 Millions users worldwide, and most of them use the Google Plus Communities. So always try to find those communities which are similar to your topic and niche. which help you to engaged more people.

11 Smart Tips To Get More Traffic from Google Plus

Same like as Facebook Groups, where people can added more and more people and posting frequently, so you must find those communities where more and more members exists. In my point of view, some of Google Plus Communities contains more than 100K + members where you get the high chances of getting significant traffic, when you share your valuable and unique fresh contents with them .

#8 – Adding Images With Posts

As Google Plus appeared on almost all search engines results, so always try to share your popular and valuable posts with readers. But remember that, whenever you share anything on Google Plus profiles and communities, always try to add an images with them .

11 Smart Tips To Get More Traffic from Google Plus

Because people often say that ” Images speaks well as compared to Texts” . Images can attracts more visitors and readers to their contents and as a result your traffic will boost automatically, and if these readers like your contents, they will also comeback to your site again. So try to add your own created and related images with every posts which your share.

#9 – Add Google+ Comments System to Your Site

As you might be seen many latest and new commenting systems which will be embeded in many blogs and websites too. The most famous now a days is the Disqus Commenting System, but i’ll recommended you to always adding a Google+ Commenting System to your blog or website , it will gives you more benefits as compared to any other commenting systems.

11 Smart Tips To Get More Traffic from Google Plus

When people share their comments they will also circles you and you can also easily circle him too. Comments can get more Plus which will increase your visibility in the search engines eyes. So I’ll recommended you to try this awesome commenting system.

#10 – Start a Hangout

Google+ Hangout is a live streaming service of Google. Google Hangout allow you to broadcast yourself with the world as live via Google+, YouTube and your blog. If you arrange some webinars live where you can tell some special and interest based things which people always try to find, then you can get a bundle of free visitors which can become your permanent readers after that when you engaged more with them.

11 Smart Tips To Get More Traffic from Google Plus

Google Hangout also a very great thing because business owners also use them to put a face with their readers, visitors and customers. When you create any hangouts it will automatically saved into your YouTube account , so people can also watch this video after live webinars on your YouTube profile.

#11 – Share Videos With Your Posts

As people often say that “Pictures are speaks more as compared to Texts” and “Videos can speaks more as compared to Pictures” . So into your posts add images, but try to add videos too. It will helps you to engage more and more visitors. Videos are better than any other medium like images, texts, audios etc.

So Are you using the Google Plus account to boost your website traffic or blog traffic ? Then tell us which method do you use from them ? Please leave a comment message in the box below and share that what is worked well for you also . Thanks ! ! !