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Get Ready to Witness the Samsung Galaxy S8 Officially at MWC 2017!


Samsung is without a doubt one of the key Android Smartphone manufacturers out there. However, the fiasco related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 towards the fall of 2017 followed by the withdrawal of the entire Note 7 Smartphones from the market hindered Samsung’s brand value and customer liking very much that reports stated Samsung to be facing the worst Smartphone sales than expected, ever since the launch of the Galaxy lineup of Android devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was indeed one of the best Android Smartphones when launched, and was praised by everyone before all the battery exploding issues happened. Even though Samsung vowed for a detailed investigation into the issue and later found that faulty battery modules from two different manufacturers were to be blamed for the explosions that happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, people are still skeptical in buying Samsung-made Android devices.

Learning from the failure, Samsung is all set to hit back in the market with their all new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Smartphone. If latest rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 are anything to go by, the Galaxy S8 will feature some radical shift from the Galaxy lineup of devices that are available currently.

Even though early rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 stated a launch for the device at the MWC event in Barcelona towards the end of February, Samsung has officially denied any launch event of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to be happening at the MWC event. Moreover, popular leaker Evan Blass has tweeted about a possible March special launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is more likely considering that the Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s flagship device for 2017 and a device that the entire tech industry is eagerly looking forward to.


However, yesterday Samsung started sending out press invites for a conference happening on February 26 at the MWC 2017 event. Even though the press invites as well as latest rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will be the device seeing the day of light in this event, some Korean medias have stated that this is the event where we will be viewing the first official sneak peak of the Galaxy S8.

Samsung is said to be working on a minute-long teaser for the Galaxy S8 during this conference at MWC and we cannot wait anymore!

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to feature an all display front portion, with the navigation keys finally being a part of the display itself. The display in the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to have the most screen to body ratio than any other Android Smartphone available in the market currently.

Apart from the display itself, the Samsung Galaxy S8 does feature a lot under its sleeves. To begin with, Samsung is expected to be working on an all-new advanced personal assistant tool that will be unveiled with the Galaxy S8. Talking about hardware specifications, Samsung will be playing safe this time with the best in class hardware including the Snapdragon 835 processor and 4 GB of RAM along with a 12 MP primary as well as a 8 MP secondary camera sensors.

The headphone jack will remain with the Samsung Galaxy S8 whereas the fingerprint scanner will be moved to the back of the device, contrary to be appearing at the front bottom center until now. The battery is said to be enormous at 4000+mAh, so is the display size at 6 inches. Whatever the battery size may be, we do sincerely hope it doesn’t play fire games anymore!

So are you hyped about the all new Samsung Galaxy S8? Do share your thoughts and views as comments below.