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What to know before buying a new Smartphone?

What to know before buying a Smartphone

In today’s tech savy world there so many options to choose from. These tech mammoths such as apple, google, android etc. Are each a placeholder of there own with something unique to offer and that’s why they have many different fan base and users. But everyone of them has some new features like 18:9 screen aspect or new face lock security features and your old  smartphone can’t cut it anymore in the race with new upgrades. So you reach at this situation. That’s why you have to consider some radical hardware and software features and go for these tips based on that.

  1. Backups

The most hassle in changing your headset used to be data backup. But today’s new era smartphones offer both manual and automatic backups.

Also solving the problem of data exchange and backup problems between different operating platforms. They offer data backup prompt when you set up your new device and also there is option of logging in with your previous online account to backup data attached and related to it.

Smartphone Backups

Another notable example could be seen in many gaming and utility apps. These apps also provide option to save your work or progress by logging in with registered account. Another option that’s used by these apps is cloud storage. Online cloud storage is a bliss for data backup and management as you can access and save your data on any device, anywhere.

Other data – backing up your media and other data couldn’t have been easier as there are many third-party apps and sites available for it. Google also provides backup of photos and media. But only problem that is faced is third party app and data transfer from android to ios and vice versa. These couldn’t be copied as they work on different platforms and even of app is available the inner data couldn’t be replicated on both platforms.

So here best option would be using automatic backups available on every operating systems. Be it ios or android login with your google or apple id and turn on data backup option for it. Now you can access your browser info, contacts etc. On any device by logging in.

 Subscription accounts

 One thing to mind here is that after your data backup is sorted out you should look out and review your subscription services apps and accounts. Because apps like google play music and hbo watch apps have different policies regarding your watch history, preferences and data. So, don’t forget to backup them separately.

Gadget safety and security

Smartphone safety and security

Once you have your new smartphone you need to look out for it’s safety and condition. As your personal data and money is invested into it, best advice would be here to use firstly it’s all security features and secondly get a good gadget insurance. A good mobile phone insurance can save your hard-earned money that was put into your device in case of any accidents or irregularities with device may occur. After getting a good insurance with accidental warranty and protection you also should consider it’s new inbuilt security features such as face recognition, biometrics and online account logins and most eye catching ‘two stage authentication’ which gives you full control of your smartphone.

Final take:

Now you have your new smartphone up and running. Enjoy its new features and what not but follow the proper care too.