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Liberty+ Earbuds: The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones

Liberty+ Earbuds: World's First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones

If you are looking for a new pair wireless earphones here you may be interested in the Liberty+ Earbuds from the Seattle based company ‘Zolo’. The Zolo Liberty+ earbuds have been listed in Kickstarter to raise funds to do mass productions. So far now, it already raised over $800,000 than the required budget.

Liberty+ will be fully compatible with the Alexa system via the iOS and Android app. With Siri and Google Assistant also instantly accessible. The Liberty+ earbuds are designed in the way that provides a zero compromise wireless audio experience with great audio output experience. It is providing graphene enhanced sound quality to the users with ultra comfort and fit packed together. The earbud is backed with an internal battery that can last up to 48 hours of continuous playback (2 Days).

Liberty+ Earbuds: World's First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones

Some of the notable features of Liberty+ earbuds like Graphene-Enhanced Sound, Exceptional Comfort & Fit, Unbreakable Bluetooth, 48Hr Playtime, Effortless Setup, Smart AI, Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity and more. Liberty+ will be engineered with waterproof casing and a specialized hydrophobic nano-coating to resist water ingress.

We’ve achieved breathtaking audio fidelity thanks to a lab-created material called Graphene; a nanosheet with 100 times the hardness of steel yet only a fraction of the weight. Through laboratory tests, we discovered applying a layer of graphene to a dynamic driver created an astonishing improvement in sound quality.

As the graphene-coated driver vibrates back and forth to create sound, its extra rigidity and lightness ensure precision oscillation. The result: superior sound across the entire frequency spectrum; with a dramatic enhancement for treble and overall clarity.

Liberty+ will use the same wireless communication technology as satellites and drones. The specialized hardware is known as an LDS antenna. Instead of being an independent component of the device, we’ve devised a way for the Bluetooth antenna to integrate with the earphone body itself. This larger surface area means a stronger connection. A stronger connection means music is streamed flawlessly. No skips, no drops.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the ubiquitous wireless technology’s latest iteration. At the time of its release, Liberty+ will be one of the only devices to take advantage of its features.

  • Doubled data transmission speed
  • Bigger range
  • 800% increase in data transfer capacity

Liberty+’s LDS antenna and Bluetooth 5.0 technology synergize to offer unbreakable connectivity within a 10m range.

You can become backers by pledging $89 to get the Earlybird kit and the maximum pledge price is around $329 with 4 units of Liberty+ along with wireless charging case for charging your earbuds. Visit the Kickstarter product page to know more about it!

Check out the below video to know more about the Liberty+ Wireless Earbuds design, functions and more!