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LibreTorrent, the first open source client without Ads Android


To download large files, music or movies the best we can do is install a torrent client. In Android there are a few torrent clients work just like on your computer except that remain open in the background and spends enough battery. if your mobile have more space or you just want to watch a movie on the tablet I also recommend that some of best torrent sites like The pirate bay , RARBG , etc these sites are where you can get good torrents.

And today we have come with the LibreTorrent , a free torrent client with pro features that make it one of the best torrent clients for Android. But, beware because not only is comprehensive is also open source.

LibreTorrent, A client without advertising, lightweight and open source


LibreTorrent is a torrent client with very minimalist design Material Design . On the main screen we torrents that are downloading and from the adjustments we have dozens of options to configure. The behavior of the app, the network used, where files and speed limits or simultaneous downloads are saved.

No advertising which is very much appreciated and is very light, important to not spend as much battery. It is also open source and its code can be found on GitHub. Of all he had to Android, this is one of the few has released the code. This point is very important as this improves security and gives us peace of mind to use it.

The app supports proxy and Tor so for those wishing to stay safe, anonymous or on a network that is not yours can do so calmly. You can also schedule download at some point and choose what we want them to download files.

Libre Torrent

Those interested in the LibreTorrent can download for free from Google Play, page open source applications.