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Missed Cyber Monday? Below Tips Will Help Get Deals Further

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Its Wednesday, mid-week, and Cyber Monday is over. You may have missed buying some stuff at a discount on the day and now might be feeling a sense of regret to some extent, but wait there are some deals still available and waiting, and you can avail one of those to save good bucks while buying something.

First and foremost let’s talk about Cyber Week. Similar to the latest trend of Black Friday that starts a week early, lately the Cyber Monday has been turned into a Cyber Week. The discounts and deals on many online platforms including Amazon don’t end after midnight on Monday. The sales continue for another six days, throughout the week. Even though some of the best bargains may have come to an end after huge response of Cyber Monday, but at least you will find plenty yet to be had. Some of the retailers partaking in Cyber Week are Best Buy, Target, Walmart, JCPenny, Macy’s and REI.

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Secondly, if you have made up your mind not to buy brand spankin’ new stuff, you can head towards eBay and Craigslist. These are the best places where you can get good deals following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You will find people selling off their older products at much lower prices while they are upgrading their machines and gadgets to newer versions. Take note that you need to maintain safe practice while meeting sellers from the platform. Meet at food court, a parking lot and other such public places where you will not be alone.

Next to the two, you can turn your attention towards Facebook Marketplace. Lately the platform has gained good popularity and so you will find more items on it. Posting items for sale is easy on Facebook Marketplace and can be done through a smartphone or a tablet. Communicating with seller is easy and quick. Transactions here are less sketchy as face of seller accompanies the name, but still you should follow safety tips to remain away from scammers. Simply open the Facebook Marketplace app and search for the product by price, category and location.

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Lastly, you can sign up with one of the price tracker websites and get notification whenever a product go back on sale, ahead of the holidays of course. Set your Price Watch for a product and set an alert. The system will keep your requirement in its tracking tool and inform you through its alert service whenever the selling price matches. You will also receive an alert when the price falls below what you had earlier set for.

Apart from all these, just take a small information for next year deals. If you look for best hotels, flights and tours deal, and missed on Cyber Monday, carry on your search on the next day which is called the Travel Deal Tuesday. The day is one of the best for travel deals. You can book for yourself or gift a nice vacation to someone who is very close to you.