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How To Make Amazon Fire Tablet Perform Faster


The prices of Amazon Fire tablet dropped from $30 to $100 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and this turned out to high volume purchase of the device.

Now those proud owners of it need to know how to make Amazon Fire tablet perform better. There are several ways and here we will discuss few of those to make the device run fast and response quick.

Reduce fingerprints and glare

Most of the users of Amazon Fire tablet complains about the high amount of screen glare, but this is easy to fix. Simply buy a glare-reducing screen protector of correct size.

The screen protector is nothing but matte sheets to reduce glare and eliminates visible smudges and fingerprints. The screen will also become scratch proof. So it is better to do a small investment and fix two issues.

Install Movies Anywhere

It is not true that you only need to watch movies from Amazon’s ecosystem. With Movies Anywhere your device can easily access Apple, Vudu and Google movie libraries.

You can also download almost all the purchased movies. More to this, you are offered five free movies in your library.

Add more storage

Do know that you may run out of storage soon after downloading several videos for offline viewing. Those who bought 8GB version will suffer soon compared to the 16GB version. Amid such situation take the help of microSD expansion slot. Simply pop into it a storage card and start downloading more videos further.

MicroSD cards are not expensive. A 32GB capacity may cost you around $10 and for $20 you may buy Samsung 64GB card, which will be able to hold a lot more movies.

Stand it up

It may not be practical to hold the device for more than an hour to watch video on it. So isn’t it the right time to buy a stand for the Amazon Fire tablet so that you can start enjoying movies anywhere whether it is coffee table or kitchen counter. You may also read books or magazines comfortably by keeping the device in standing position. You can read hands-free.

There are different types of stands available in the market at different prices starting from just $3. A stylus pen stand comes at around $10 and.

Amazon’s Special Offers

Don’t like the Amazon’s Special Offers lock screen? Don’t use it. You can also unsubscribe to the Special Offerings of the manufacturer which are non-advertizing stuff.

However, unsubscribing may cost you and somewhere like $15, depending on the model and whether the device has been bought on sale.

To check price of making the tablet free from such advertisements it is recommended to log into your Amazon account and thereafter click on Your Content and Devices. Now click on Your Devices and find your model here. Click Action button and thereafter Edit to unsubscribe the process.

So, the super cheap Amazon Fire tablet is now a fast and quick responsive machine with the above five important tips. Enjoy surfing, enjoy browsing and wait for the next deal when you can grab such opportunities on other devices.