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MKC Wallet – Slim Wallet for Keys with USB Drive Storage

MKC Wallet is from IPPINKA the company based in Toronto, Canada. The same crew already worked on successful Kickstarter project, Lift. This slim modern wallet holds keys, cards, and cash for quick access. Also, it can Minimize pocket clutter, and eliminate key jingles & scratches.

Just by seeing the product video, it shows we can save more free spaces in our pocket just by storing all our wallet stuff in MKC Wallet. With it you can easily organizes your money, keys, and cards all in a single place. It designed for ease of access and maximum comfort. You will be impressed how free your pocket feels!
MKC Wallet
The best part, you can access your key instantly and even you can store some data with the 16GB inbuilt USB drive. The MKC Wallet is packed with lots of simple features, but they worth in real life use! If you own an MKC wallet, then you don’t need to depend on any ‘Bottle Opener’ because the wallet does it job!
MKC Wallet - Slim Wallet for Money, Keys, Cards with USB Drive

The MKC Wallet comes with full-grain leather, which provides the best durability and built to withstand everyday use, yet it feels lightweight and slim in your pocket. You can pre-order the MKC Wallet for $68 and if you want the USB drive, Bottle Opener then you need to pay extra bucks for it!

The MKC Wallet comes in two different color and styles. You can purchase it with or without a flap and it is available in Black and Vintage Brown color. Visit the Kickstarter product page for more!

Check out the below video to know more about the functionality of the wallet,