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The 14 Best New Features of Android O Update

The 14 Best New Features of Android O Update

Today we bring you a list of the top 14 best new features of Android O update that is slated to release in the new few months.

The next big version update of the Android operating system is brewing just around the corner. The upcoming Android O Update has already got us pumped up for the next version of Android. So far we have come across a lot of leaks, speculations, and rumors about the Android O update. So today we are here with a detailed list of the 14 best new features of Android O Update.

14 Best New Features of Android O Update:

Features of Android O

Removal of Unknown Sources Permissions:

Earlier in case you needed to sideload an application onto your Android device, you had to enable the “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” option under Developer Settings.

Starting from Android O, this option will cease to exist and instead you can authorize applications which can download and directly install third party apps on your Android device.

Notification Badges:

The Notification Badges feature on upcoming Android O update will allow you to keep track of individual notifications received per application. Apple’s iOS and the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems already have this feature.

Revamped Indicator for Battery Percentage:

The Android O brings some cosmetic changes to the battery percentage indicator. Earlier the battery percentage were listed in numbers inside the battery icon. However, with the latest update, the battery percentage is now clearly mentioned next to the battery icon.

Lockscreen Shortcut Customization:

The stock Android launcher has very few features when compared with the skinned counterpart of Android launchers from different OEM’s. However, lately Android have been catching up on a lot of famous features from popular OEM skins and with the Android O update, we finally get lock screen¬†shortcut customization features on Android.

Ability to Snooze Different Notifications:

Android O update gives you the ability to snooze notifications from any application installed on your device. You can opt to snooze any individual notification by swiping right on the notification. The notification will then be snoozed for a selected period and will then reappear.

Support for Ringtone Customization:

Ringtone customization options on Android were present for a very long time now. The “Add Ringtone” option on Android O makes it much easier to pick your favorite tone as your device ringtone.

Support for Themes:

Even though any sort of API for themes have not yet been released officially by Google, latest leaks point to support for themes in upcoming Android O update. The possible theme options are Inverted and Pixel.

Revamped Settings on Android:

The Settings app on Android is where most of the customization and feature addition happen with each Android update. With the Android O update, the Settings app will get a proper redesign which will categorize settings under different levels so as to make the Settings app look less cumbersome and more easy to resolve.

More Information on Notification Tray:

In the Android O update, more information will be displayed on the notification tray shade of your Android device. The information that will be displayed includes the mobile and wifi network status and signal strengths, battery percentage and a shortcut to the Settings app as well.

The Pixel Launcher:

The updated Pixel launcher for Android O update will have features like support for the landscape mode, ability to pull up the application drawer with a swipe anywhere on the screen.

More Functional File Manager:

Until Android Marshmallow, the File Explorer app for Android was present within the Downloads application. But from the Android O update and onwards, the File Explorer will get a standalone app shortcut along with improved features and functionality.

Redesigned Battery Menu:

The battery menu for Android also gets a massive makeover with the Android O update. The new Battery menu features statistics on how much of your device’s battery was consumed by the display of your Android device and also by the mobile network running on your device.

Revamped Navigation Bar:

The System UI Tuner of your Android device will be able to tweak the looks and functions of the Navigation Bar on your Android device, starting from the Android O update.

Available edit options will include tweaking onscreen button layout which will let you add more than 3 onscreen buttons that may include a clipboard option or a switcher for the keyboard or more.

Gesture Based Fingerprint Scanning:

The Google Pixel was the first Smartphone to exclusively make use of the gesture based fingerprint scanning feature. From the Android O update and onwards, the same feature will also be available on Nexus devices.

Also, with the help of the latest API from Google, third party developers also can ask permissions and make better use of the gesture based fingerprint scanning.

Final Words:

Did you find all these features interesting and cannot wait to try them on your Android device?

Do share your favorite feature from the list of new features of Android O above, as you wait for the Android O update to reach your Android device.