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9 Things You Must Know Before Applying Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the world biggest Ads Network company which provide the facility to web owners and bloggers to make money with their blogs / websites by using their publishers account. If you have a blog and want to make money online, then Google AdSense is the best source of income from your website by placing advertisements, and when anyone click on that advertisements you will get paid. In this article, I’m telling you some recommended and top 9 things which you must know before applying for Google AdSense.
9 Things You Must Know Before Applying Google AdSense

You want this Google Account ? If Yes, then this article is only for you. If you already apply for AdSense account, but rejected, then don’t worry, here are some tips for you which you can implement and then apply, I hope you’ll get the full approve Google AdSense publisher account.

Terms of services, and AdSense quality Guidelines are very difficult but important, which you may getting fulfill in any way. If you don’t fulfill these requirements then you may not get this publisher account.

Some common questions about AdSense account ?

  1. I’m eligible for apply Google AdSense Account ?
  2. How To Approve Google AdSense Account ?
  3. Why Google Rejected My Application ?
  4. Does My Website Ready for Applying AdSense or Not ?
and also many these types of questions which have into your minds and you may also heard on many places. So here is the answers of these questions . 

There are millions of people who making their livings from their websites and blogs simply by placing AdSense ads to their websites and making a lot of money from them. You may also listen many time on the internet, top 10 blogger top earners of google adsense and many other phrases like that, these all are true, because you can make as much money as you can simply by using this top PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Ads Network.

There are many other Google AdSense alternatives which you can make more and more money, but here are some tips for you, if you want to get approved your Google AdSense account. So simply follow below guides and getting approved your account. But here are some reasons of why Google will reject your application.

Why Google AdSense Reject your Application

There are many factors which Google considers before approved any application. Google can check every site manually, so if you don’t comply their AdSense Policies, then you’ll rejected. Here are some common reasons, of why Google will rejected your blog or website.

#1 – Layout or Design of Your Website or Blog

The main and the very first reasons is that, the layout of your blog or website. If the layout is not clean and responsive, then Google will reject your application. But remember that, it’s not meaning that your blog will have a high elegant design, but it just needs some great look which attract visitors.

#2 – Privacy Pages

The very common reason of why AdSense reject your application is the privacy pages. If your blog or website have no any privacy pages, like Privacy Policy, Advertisements, Contact Us, or other pages, then google will reject your site.

#3 – Doesn’t Comply with AdSense Policies

The last and the common reason is the AdSense policies. If you don’t follow the privacy policies of Google , you will not get approved.

So these are the some common reasons of why google disapprove your website or blog. So if you’ve have all these things properly, then follow below steps and points, and then apply for publisher account, and we hope you will get approved by Google.

9 Tips You Must Know Before Applying For AdSense Account

#1 – High Quality Content Of Your Blog

You always heard on the internet in many forms “Content is the King” . Basically this is not just a phrase, this is the main key of getting more visible to the eyes of search engines.Always write a killer blog posts / articles to attract more readers. If your contents is very good, that your readers will like that contents, then you will be happy , because Google always want those sites where high quality contents are available.

#2 – Improve Design of Your Blog / Site

As I mention above that, Google will check your application manually , so always keep your site design responsive. Google wants that, your blog design must be super professional and nice look, that catches more visitors. You blog layout also a user friendly and mobile friendly. So before applying for AdSense account, you must keep that things into your minds.

#3 – Total Posts / Pages

Posts basically the total number of pages which are available into your blog or website. If your blog has less posts like 10 to 20 , Google will rejected you. So always try to published posts on daily basis, and writes at least 50 to 70 posts before applying for Google AdSense account. This is very important, because if you’ve not enough posts, then you will not get more traffic from search engines, so it is necessary for you to published more and more posts.

#4 – Privacy Policy Pages

Privacy Policy page is very compulsory for your blog. If you not know what is privacy policy, then check our Privacy Poliy Page. Some people says that, this is not important for applying adsense account, but not, google also says that, always add your blog privacy policies and describe all things about your site and other advertisements. So keep in mind that if you not have any privacy page then google will rejected your application.

#5 – Some Important Pages

As like Privacy Policy page, there are many other pages which are very important before getting approved your account. Like About Us page or Contact Us page, are extremely importat pages which you can added to your blog before applying Google AdSense account. So always making your navigation bar more attractive and responsive.

#6 – Use Top TLD’s (Top Level Domain )

Before applying Google AdSense, you know about your TLD’s. Always use top level domains like yousite.com or yoursite.net or yoursite.org etc. These are the top trusted and popular TLD’s which you may know that the extensions of your site. It is very important for you to use your popular extension which search engines like. So buy top level domain and added to your blog before applying AdSense publisher account.

#7 – Check Your Traffic Sources

It is important for you to know from where your visitors are comes from. Because google says that you will get organic traffic before getting approval of your AdSense acocunt. If you will get traffic from invalid sources like paid traffic, you will rejected. So always try to get traffic from Google and other search engines and all social media websites.

#8 – Remove Other Ads Network

Google will not like that you will use some other Advertisements network to your site. If you want to getting approval from AdSense , then first remove other ads networks advertisements and then apply. But some ads network Google allows to use with their ads like Infolinks which is the best Google Adsense alternatives. You can use them with google ads, but many other don’t use or remove before applying AdSense publisher account. 

#9 – Age Verification ( 18 + Age )

Generally, it is not important, but many newbies bloggers and web owners, not know how to do this step. They are under 18 , and write wrong age in the form and after that get in trouble. So always use your correct address and age before applying. Because first Google Verify your address, and then sent your payments. But if you’re not 18 years old, then don’t worry, use your fathers name and age or any other person of your home and get approve.  

Final Words ! ! !
These points are not enough, but these are common and more important before getting approval of Google AdSense account. If you fulfill these requirements then apply for publisher account, and we hope you will get approved. If you’ve any question then asking us using comments box below and share this articles with others just for helping others to make money from their blogs using Google AdSense Publisher Account.