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Top Four Funny Picture Editing Websites


Upload your picture to one of these funny picture editing websites and get a good laugh as it is transformed into a hilarious masterpiece. Turn your friends and family members into a baby, a farm animal, a celebrity or a scary monster using these funny picture generators. Learn about each of these free services and decide which best suits your photo editing needs.



Funny.pho.to is a funny picture editing website that allows users to upload pictures and edit them using custom templates and frames, photo montages, collages and funny picture effects. You can upload a picture of your face to Funny.pho.to and apply a photo montage effect to the picture to turn yourself into a crying baby, Superman, Scarface or an animated cartoon figure. This website is recommended for novice computer users who wish to use automatic funny picture generators to edit their pictures instantly.



Loonapix is a photo editing service that allows you to edit your photos using LoonaPic effects to create custom photo frames, funny face effects, calendars and wallpapers. Loonapix also allows you to embed pictures of their face into different background images to create realistic photo montages. You may also create animated GIF images from your uploaded pictures.

The animated GIF image generators available on Loonapix feature special effects such as “Radial Blur,” “Swirl,” “Recursion” and “Explosion.” This website is recommended for computer users who desire quick and simple funny picture editing for free.



PiZap is a funny picture editor that offers advanced picture editing tools, image galleries and community chat rooms and message boards. PiZap allows you to capture pictures directly from your web cam or upload pictures from your computer and edit them using the PiZap photo editor.

You can modify your photos by adding speech bubbles, funny faces, color effects and text effects to your pictures. This website is recommended for users who wish to use an image editing service with social networking features and user-created photo galleries.



Upload a picture of your face to PicHacks and it will be split in half, joined together, mutated or rotated in very strange ways. PicHack allows you to position the cut-off line so the picture you upload is spliced to your preference.

If the picture of your face is funny, you are free to save the file or post it in PicHack’s public image gallery of modified faces. There is a maximum file-size restriction of 2 MB and the images generated are only available to download for a few hours before they are removed from the PicHack server.

Once you create a photo using one of these websites, right-click on the picture and click “Save As” to save the file to your computer. Also, it is important that you read the Terms of Service (TOS) listed on each of these funny picture editing websites before using their services. Many online photo editing websites often request your permission to publish the photos you have uploaded and edited using their services.