Home News The WhiteFox Mini Mechanical Keyboard Comes to Kickstarter

The WhiteFox Mini Mechanical Keyboard Comes to Kickstarter

The WhiteFox Mini Mechanical Keyboard Comes to Kickstarter

WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard is listed on Kickstarter to raise the fund of the post production. WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard is quite popular before listing for fundraising. This mini mechanical keyboard was designed by Input Club and collaboration project of Matteo Spinelli. The WhiteFox Mini Mechanical Keyboard is a fully programmable, Mini Mechanical keyboard with an aluminum frame, custom key switches and with the unique compact design.

There are many mechanical keyboards out there in the market with larger in size and not suitable for portability. However, if you are looking for something a little compact keyboard, then WhiteFox Mini Mechanical Keyboard will be the best option for it!

The WhiteFox Mini Mechanical Keyboard Comes to Kickstarter

Features in the WhiteFox (Vera) include:

• Fully Programmable Keys
• Durable PBT Keycaps
• Aluminum Body
• Perfect Compact Layout
• Open Source Hardware
• Our new Halo Mechanical Switches

The WhiteFox Mini Mechanical Keyboard creators stated that,

The keycaps are crafted from highly durable PBT engineering plastics, and the legends are dye-sublimated so they will never wear or fade. The body is solid aluminum, very compact, and can fit on any desk. The rationale behind this keyboard is to provide you with a beautiful piece of functional art that you can customize and fully control.

We also invented two new types of mechanical keyswitches that are available as options for the WhiteFox. Our goal when inventing these switches was to significantly reduce “pre-load” or the initial effort required when you first touch a switch. With this new capability, we were able to recreate the feeling of the most desirable keyboards in the world in a simple mechanical switch.

– Halo True – A smooth, tactile switch that is effortless to push, and becomes firmer the harder you press it.
– Halo Clear – Based on the Halo True architecture, but with a spring weight closer to the very popular Cherry MX Clear.
– Kaihua Blue – We didn’t invent this switch, but it is a wonderful clicky switch so we included it as an option. It is much louder to type on than the Halo switches, with a short, crisp tactile bump.

If it’s hard to understand, do check the video below to learn more about its design and functionality.

You can get the Early Bird kit without switches for $159 and the keyboard with all features is priced around $335. The WhiteFox Mini Mechanical Keyboard is expected to ship from December 2017. Visit the Kickstarter page for more details and to pre-order WhitFox Mini Mechanical Keyboard.