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The 34 Best Tools for Improving Your Writing Skills

Improving Your Writing Skills

From the average person point of view, writing a text is an easy procedure. Such prejudices arise in relation to almost any intellectual profession, or just to “do my psychology assignment” writers are no exception. But, nevertheless, it is still one of the most difficult professions in the world.

In this regard, writers and playwrights need outside help. We offer you a few applications that will help you in the writing.

1.IA Writer

Journalists and writers will appreciate this minimalist app, which disables everything else when you start typing in it and helps you really concentrate on the text.

  1. Haikujam

Co-authoring applications — even if you only do it for fun — have great potential.


Another application for co-creation, only in it you can write only hockey.

  1. Writing challenge

Faced with a clean slate of fear? This app can help overcome it. It gives you a hint to start writing something.


A community of people writing short stories with a huge library. Any of the stories can be shared with friends.

  1. Do Note by IFTTT

If you are a writer literally bursting with ideas, Do Note will help you.

7.The brainstormer

A paid app available for Android and iOS. What does it do? Smashes the creative stupor, and perhaps even cures it on a long-term basis.

8.Pomodoro timer

pomodoro timer - writing skills

Many in our time lack the time management skills, but they are easy to instill in yourself with this application.

  1. Agent Obvious

A free iOS app that helps you understand publishing with literary agent Lori Abkemeier.

  1. Calmlywriter

This application (and browser extension) was created to immerse oneself in the process of writing text.


This platform gives you the freedom to write texts online, but it is completely anonymous.

  1. Ilys

Sometimes the text editor itself with all its optional buttons and options can be the biggest irritant.

  1. Goalscape

This application and the platform in one person allows not only to set a goal but also to see its achievement visually.

  1. Write or die

This is one of the most inexorable applications for writing text, which can be found because it will start deleting your work if you do not match the pace of the introduction of the text that you have installed in the application.

minimalist application

  1. The writer is an incredibly simple minimalist application for those who urgently need a piece of paper.
  2. Just Write is an application from the same series; only here are the pages lined up horizontally (allows you to flip notes like a book
  3. JotterPad. Unlike previous applications, it has advanced functionality: it is easy to create folders and customize the style of your notes (“essay,” “project,” “newspaper,” “story”).
  4. Notebook

This simple and convenient text editor is installed by default on any computer. The functionality in it is ascetic, but you will not be distracted by various incomprehensible buttons.

  1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is uniquely familiar to anyone who uses a computer. The program is available in many languages; its interface is easy to handle and navigate.

  1. Google docs

Google documents are edited in the same way as documents in Microsoft Office Word.

  1. XMind

Online mind mapping is gaining popularity among a huge number of users. The program XMind – is the organizational beginning of all beginnings, or rather, brainstorming for any writer. It is the program with which it all starts.

  1. Mindmeister

MindMeister is an alternative to XMind but without the need to download a file for installation. This program will immediately offer to start mind mapping. You will have constant access to the created target cards in your browser.

  1. TalkTyper

This is a free service to convert dictated speech into literate text. There will be no problems with the Russian language, and the displayed text will be checked for grammar and spelling.

  1. Speechpad

In fact, such programs for writers are convenient notebooks with a whole arsenal of services: from dictation to translating and transcribing audio files into text.

  1. Speech Recognition

I described this chic application for writers in detail in a separate article. Everything is there: from advantages to step-by-step instructions for installation and use.

  1. Quabel

This is probably the cleanest and most effective text editor of all. You can download it directly in the browser. There are no design elements in this program: only text and a “sheet” of virtual paper.

  1. Plotbot

It is an online text editor for professional authors. Its main difference from all similar editors is that it deals with the design and formatting of the text itself.


Applications for organizing the work of creative people are usually products of extremely dubious quality, but Wridea is a pleasant exception. This web service offers tools for quick brainstorming.

  1. WriteKo

This is a great tool for typing, saving and sorting your documents. The app allows you to catalog them simply and quickly. There are also features such as spell checking, syntax highlighting, text formatting, list processing, and more.

  1. Bubbl.us

If you have never used this tool before, then it is definitely worth a try. This is one of the best services for creating brain maps. They are known to help streamline and structure thoughts.

  1. StayFocusd

This is an extension for the Chrome browser, which can, at the time of working on the text, close time-eating sites for the user: social networks, blogs, news resources, etc.

  1. Tomato.es

In the West, the popularity of productivity techniques Pomodoro is growing among computer scientists.

  1. Letterspace

It seems Letterspace has come to replace Evernote. For those who are annoyed by the slowness of the cult sweeper, Letterspace will become an outlet. It is perfect for taking notes or writing ideas for articles.

34 FocusWriter

FocusWriter is a free and convenient editor that works on all desktop platforms: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu. It is suitable for lovers of minimalism. The interface is nothing superfluous, so you can focus on the text