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7 things you should look into while purchasing a gaming laptop

7 things you should look into while purchasing a gaming laptop

Gaming laptop or a normal one? Let’s find it out!

Are you lying on the bed dreaming about things you will do with a new laptop? About games, will you immediately download after the purchase? Well, it all sounds perfect but what if the laptop you buy, will be not cool at all? What if its characteristics are awful and the only thing you can play there is the “Klondike”? So, in order not to make those things happen we are here for you with several recommendations. By the way, even having a gaming laptop, you can easily buy college term paper online, for instance. Hurry up to get your perfect writer!

If you think that a laptop for business will allow you to play games, you are wrong. Laptops for playing have absolutely another inner stuff, processor, memory and so on.

Things to do before buying a gaming laptop

Things to do before buying a gaming laptop

The first and the most important thing to think about is money you are ready to spend on a laptop. Budget is the premiere thing which decides whether you will have a good laptop or not. Laptops with the bigger budget are capable of accepting more games than any other you have in the office or somewhere else.

The second important thing is to decide what requirements do you want to have? If you want to play games on Facebook or any other social media, it means that you need just a basic turn-based game and here you will retrench a lot of money, as any even the simplest laptop will up to these requirements. But if you want to play such games as Sims4, GrandTheftAuto, then yeah, you will definitely need a powerful laptop to play games without those monitor interruptions.

7 things you should look into while purchasing a gaming laptop


Seriously, when it comes to laptops, size really matters. Of course, it depends on the games you are going to play there. But make sure you pick the proper size because unfortunately, it is not RAM or ROM of a laptop which you can change later just downloading something else. It is a size which is stable and will never change.

Laptops sizes are very different. They start from 11.6 inches and can go up to 17.3 inches. It depends on you whether you want a small compact computer or a cinema in your bedroom. Also, it depends on a brand you want to choose. Nevertheless, all of them offers different sizes. But the most normal laptop’s size is 12.5 inches, not too big and not too small, and for most of the cases its weight is not more than 1.5 kg.

  1. Processor

As you understand this is the most important thing before buying a laptop as the only processor decides will you play SIMS4 or games on Facebook? In order to play high-quality games, you should not look for less than Intel Core i7 quad-core processor. Of course, they might cost a lot, but seriously, it is better to pay more once, then to pay for the new laptop with a better processor again later.

 purchasing a gaming laptop

  1. Hardware

All the people who have computers have standard hardware which is oriented on helping to create documents, simply surf the Net and chat online. But talking about gaming processors, well, they need more powerful hardware as they need to open a game with huge requirements.

  1. Graphics

Choosing what laptop you want, you need to come up with hard decisions. Most people on our planet prefer NVIDIA line of video cards but AMD is not worth, and also has a chance to be called the best video card. The most important thing you need to come up with is to make sure that the laptop you decided to buy has the highest end graphics cards you can find and afford. A video card is the thing that can make or completely break the process of gaming on the computer.

  1. RAM

All laptops have 8GB or 16GB RAM inside. But if you want to buy a gaming laptop and not to delete the game to download another one, then buy additional memory or a laptop with more than 16GB of RAM.

  1. Display

In order to play games easily without harm to your eyes, you have to buy a laptop with a large screen. Also, laptops with small screens don’t give you the impressions you might have with the wide one. So, our recommendation is to look for at least 1920×1080 pixel resolution to enjoy HD gaming. Of course, computers with a display 2560×1440 and even more would be better for hard games, but at the same time they cost a lot and believe us, that it is much more than the price for 1080p display.

  1. Keyboard quality

If you want a laptop for long typing sessions, you need to buy the one with a very comfortable keyboard. You have to see letters, numbers, and keys in order not to look for long on the keyboard while playing. Those interruptions can ruin the game. Also, make sure that the keyboard has a backlit too. With its help, it will be easier to type in darkness (sure, we know that you are playing at nights too). Some laptops provide lightning with several colors, but they are more details than important information you need to know before purchasing.

To sum it up, those things are the most important to understand and see before buying the laptop. Take your time and search for more if you don’t like something in the one you have already found, don’t agree with managers for something ‘just okay and normal’ – it is your thing and money that has to be perfect for you, man, you deserve it.