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Pastel Games Daymare Town Series PC Games

Pastel Games Daymare Town Series PC Games

Welcome to Daymare Town. Looking down at the town square upon first entering Daymare Town, the adventurous gamer hears the wind blowing, perhaps through hollow tubes. This may be a deserted ghost town.

Daymare Town is drawn with what seems to be a fine-point pen, and at first glance it seems crude and simplistic. Don’t be fooled. Daymare Town was conceived and drawn by a genius developer of flash games; his games reveal either intense creativity or perhaps even insanity. Either way, Daymare Town is an unlikely combination of depressing, funny and captivating.

Puzzles Games in Daymare Town by Pastel Games

Anything can be a clue in Daymare Town. The subtitles are in English and will help the novice gamer who may not realize that he or she has stumbled upon necessary information. For example, as small a detail as the buttons on a person’s coat in a painting may be a vital clue. The subtitles will make mention of the buttons, calling the gamer’s attention to them.

Daymare Town 1 looks and sounds uninhabited, but it is not. Occasionally, a humanoid creature with large eyes who is covered in either long hair or soot (or could it be both?) is peeking at the gamer from around the corner. The eyes beckon and it is always the right move to follow this little fellow.

Playable Online Games by Pastel Games

Daymare Town is (at the date of this writing) a series of three games; Daymare Town 1, Daymare Town 2, and Daymare Town 3. One of the qualities of Skutnik’s series games is that gamers revisit areas which are just as they left them in the last game.

Daymare Town 2 begins with the hapless gamer crossing the bridge to enter Daymare Town. The first challenge gamers face is trying to get back inside the town walls. Hint: look for coins in the outskirts while figuring out how to enter the town.

While Daymare Town 2 is known to be not as difficult to solve as Daymare Town 1, this may be because gamers have become accustomed to the need to pay attention to small details, click everywhere, and think “outside the box.”

Daymare Town 2 is full of interesting characters and is a longer game than Daymare Town 1. The friend from Daymare Town 1 continues to peek around corners, beckoning gamer to follow him. An important part of the game is interacting with the inhabitants of Daymare Town 2 and there are more places to explore in the second episode than in the first.

Daymare Town 3 by Pastel Games

Daymare Town 3 is not (at the time of this writing) listed on the Pastel Games website, but find the game and play it here.

By far the funniest and most interactive of the Daymare Town series, this one begins with hapless gamer flying a balloon over Daymare Town. Don’t skip the intro, it is worth seeing. Anyway, gamer wakes up in hospital and the game begins.

Best Computer Games

Many computer games are full of quick action and colorful graphics. Often, gamers are timed or must be able to complete a task within a time frame or “lose.” Still others incorporate violence.

Much of the beauty in the Daymare Town series lies in its subtleness. The visuals look simple at first but are highly detailed with intricate clues and easy to miss objects and concepts. Some clues are audio. Some clues do not seem like clues until later as the gamer figures out the complex story lines and various oddities.

There is no clock running and gamers are able to explore Daymare Town for as long as they wish. Get lost in Daymare Town at Pastel Games.

Great Escape Game Series by Pastel Games

The Great Escape Game series by Pastel Games is known for its especially cheerful music and colorful graphics. Pastel Games may be best known for the popular and extensive Submachine series, but the other, lesser known Pastel Games are equally worthy of note.

Free Online Room Escape Games by Pastel Games

This fun online flash games series started with “Great Kitchen Escape.” Due to its popularity, a new game was written for every room in the house. Each of these games has the same characteristic lateral thinking puzzles, creativity, music and graphics. They are funny, silly and full of the unexpected.

“Great Livingroom Escape” was written second, followed by “Great Basement Escape,” “Great Bathroom Escape,” “Great Bedroom Escape” and “Great Attic Escape.” All of the Pastel Games Great Escape series are short and make a nice break. These games can be played during a lunch or coffee break.

Part of the fun is the continuity between the games. Once a gamer

understands the both the lateral thinking as well as the silliness necessary to succeed at escaping the rooms, the series will become easier to solve. Without giving too much away, consider plucking a feather from a parrot for no reason other to tickle a dog’s nose in an attempt to get the dog’s collar. If that does not sound logical, then neither do Great Escape Pastel Games. They are, however, incredibly fun.

The best game in this Great Escape Game series is the last game, “Great House Escape.” Gamers will recognize every room in the house just as they left it from escaping that room.

In the Great House Escape, the entire house is populated by evil ghosts. The game, however, is not scary. The ghosts are simply another creative twist that the developers at Pastel Games take. The introduction and storyline of the Great House Escape makes the way clear for more and different lateral thinking puzzles, silliness and humorous fun.

Pastel Games Best Online PC Games

Pastel Games has developed numerous free flash games. Two of these game series, “Sneak Thief” and “Tortuga,” are drawn in the same bright, cartoonish style as the Great Escape series.

In Sneak Thief, gamers must decipher blueprints drawn up by mad scientists and build the contraptions in order to escape.

Tortuga begins with the gamer as a prisoner on a pirate ship. In the first of the series the goal is to escape the ship. The series goes on escaping from pirates and related adventures.

The same sense of humor and intense creativity pervades all three of these Pastel Games.

Other game series developed by Pastel Games are take longer to solve and have darker story lines. For creativity, variety and “out of the box” thinking puzzles, Pastel Games offers something for everyone.