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Reliance Jio Cabs to Take on Ola and Uber Taxi Service in India

Coming soon: Reliance Jio Cabs to take on Ola and Uber

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. has announced another exciting news for Jio Lovers. Recently it made a mark in the field of telecommunication by gaining 100 million Jio Users within 170 Days. Now, it’s time to take over Ola and Uber Taxi service in India. Yeah, Reliance is going to launch a cab service just like Uber app called Jio Cabs.

As per the latest report from FactorDaily claims that’s the company is going to launch a Cab Service which is an app-based taxi service in India. It also confirms that the Mukesh Ambani has already ordered about 600 cars from Mahindra and Hyundai manufactures to initiates their service in top Indian cities. As per concern, the idea of Jio Cabs will be similar to Uber and Ola apps and Reliance will easily on the cars as the Meru Cabs does.

Reliance Jio Cabs could be coming with app-based taxi service

The Reliance Jio Cabs will be first introduced in Mumbai and Chennai, later followed by the other Indian cities. Talking about the price, it will be aggressive when compared to Uber and Ola cabs. They also gonna hire E&Y as the consulting firm to make the promotion good like Reliance Jio Service.

The only expectation from the customer is, whether the Jio Cabs Services will be available for free? Because Reliance Jio has been offering its service for free for several months now! Also, we can make the use of Jio Money Service to make payments of the taxi rides.

Hope this will be a new revolution in Indian Taxi history and people in India is going to get benefited by using the Reliance Jio Taxi Service soon!

Stay tuned for more updates on Jio Cabs!