19 January 2017

Personalized Mobile Apps-Promising Technology of Today’s Generation

In the present world, the younger generation wants a convenient and secured mobile communication. The majority of the teenagers expect their mobile apps and websites to be over personalized, but also something that can adapt and react to location. The other expectations of the folks are; that order on the go with faster delivery, instant real-time online consumer service and seamless product offering across different channels. A positive mobile experience provides a lot to the brand loyalty and online purchase decisions. In future, the folks will expect businesses to do an even better job in personalizing the mobile experience while giving a guarantee that their personal information is secure.

image: Personalized Mobile Apps-Promising Technology of Today’s Generation
Personalized Mobile Apps-Promising Technology of Today’s Generation

The concept of personalization can be explored in a variety of businesses and it is one of the key features that keep the people hooked to the apps. It is said to be mobile has become the center of all our daily activities. Apps have become a reflection of one’s lifestyles. A recent survey reveals that the number of mobiles- only internet users have succeeded that of desktop only, with more than fifty percent spending their digital time on mobile apps.

What do you mean by App Personalization?

An app personalization is a process of building a mobile application to meet the requirements of particular folks. It aims to present users with experiences customized to their specific needs.

Personalization has many faces, and retail app marketers can influence this plan in many ways for an app’s growth. A customized approach is based on a customer’s behavior is one of the main factors that defines personalization in a retail app. More than thirty percent of US E-commerce transactions are mostly driven by mobile. Then, the apps are generated over fifty percent of mobile transactions for the retailers. Personalization can be applied to an individual’s journey right from onboarding till a purchase.

What is Personalized Onboarding?

A bit of personalization can increase the longevity of an app many folds. There are various process and methods for doing that. For example, the apps can influence the data already provided by the user on sign-up and customize the experience.

What is personalized content?

One of the most important ways of personalization is through the content that one share with the users. A lot of marketers follow an Omni-channel approach, and the same data can be used for increasing an app user’s experience as well. When a person uses their desktop version for shopping, the same reflects in their mobile app as well.

Push notifications, In-app messages, and the emails are tried and tested ways of reaching out to consumers and ensuring a trade. The app marketers have to constantly evolve and offer something more to the users. To make sure that an app is memorable and brings good value to the context, app marketers need to invest money in personalization at most levels of a consumer’s app journey.

Major Ways to App Personalization:

Before creating a personalized experience for users, the first step is to gather information so one can figure out the specific needs. Once the data is collected, it is possible to make informed decisions regarding the experiences one wants to provide, and which segments of the consumers are given specific experiences. The types of content one can collect about the folks to create personalized experiences can be dynamically divided into three categories. They are demographic, Contextual, and Behavioral.

Demographic Targeting:

The demographic targeting is about enquiring out who the users are so one can deliver custom experiences to them. The sample enquiry questions will be like the gender of the users whether they are male or females, the age group, the most like and dislike things about the customers. These types of demographic information help the individuals customize the experience of the app to display content that is more similar to that of the each consumer.

Demographic data can be gathered in many ways. An easier approach is to simply ask the customer during the app onboarding process. For example, a company that sells vehicle parts can ask its customers what kind of vehicle they drive, for example, pulsar bike, and then only display sales of relevant bike parts whenever the user logs into the app. Another method is to use integrations with social platforms like Facebook to pull in demographic and interest information about users.

Contextual Targeting:

Another way of partitioning the audience is through the contextual targeting. Contextual targeting is about searching information about what device the user is using, the time of the day, or the current consumer’s location part to personalize the app experience. For example, a local travel app could display shopping malls that are close to the user’s location that is still open, or an e-commerce app could display all the necessary details.

Why Segmentation (partitioning) is important?

Most of the users appreciate experiences that are subjective to their needs and are increasingly responding to the personalized experiences. The segmentation also allows an individual to focus on most valued prospects and customers. In brief, segmentation can be very useful to outbound marketing. It is better to create campaigns with strong appeal to most-valued folks rather than creating advertising campaigns which have weak appeal to a large number of audiences.

The final way of delivering personalized app experiences is done through behavioral targeting. Here, one can use the actual behavior of the customer to customize their app experience. For example, if a person tends to click more on cups than saucers in a shopping app, the app can adapt in real-time to display more products they might be interested in. Or if the folks have purchased a particular product before, the app can automatically display it the up-coming time it goes on auction. This approach is a powerful way to personalize the experience for app users.

What is constant testing and optimization?

Generally, people say that constant testing and optimization are the souls of marketing. Most of the development teams are mainly targeted on an app’s core functionality. Most of the websites are managed by the CMS and marketing campaigns are managed by the marketing automation platform. The app owners enable them to communicate, convert, and maintain personalized relationships with their consumers without depending on their development teams.

The Importance of App Personalization:

The app is already used by the billion of people all over the world and still the user’s expectations are growing. As of the year 2015, there are nearly two million apps in the App Store and two million apps in Google Play store. Once an app is chosen and installed, about sixty-five of users will delete it if the first experience using it is a negative one.

Even after an app has passed that brink, the average person will have about sixty-five apps on their device but only actually use about fifteen of them each week. There is no particular reason to expect that the above statistics will change, so it is becoming increasingly vital to make sure that the app provides its users with a great experience. In addition to many tips such as app discoverability, performance testing, etc, app personalization is one of the best ways to create an app that consumers will actually enjoy using it.

Author Bio : Thomas Edward is the content & social editor by profession. He is currently working with Dectar apps, a best PHP script development company that offers mobile app development services with cloning scripts. He has also written many technical articles related to mobile app development applications.

7 January 2017

Video SEO: How to Promote YouTube Channel and Make It Viral

If you're a newbies and wants to start a YouTube channel then it is so easy simply read my complete guide. But the question is that, when you start a channel then the biggest thing is that how to promote you YouTube channel and making it viral. To gain the virality of your channel, the users must be very careful while designing and creating the YouTube channel.

image: Video SEO: How to Promote YouTube Channel and Make It Viral
Video SEO: How to Promote YouTube Channel and Make It Viral

There are different key steps that helps you to earn unique identity and getting huge views among the different channels on this video sharing platform. Here are some important tips and steps to turn your channel into a viral hit easily.

So follow my simple steps below and feel free to starting your YouTube career and make money from YouTube. Here I'll discuss some tips about YouTube channel promotions that helps you to getting a huge amount of traffic (Video Views) and tons of subscribers easily.

Thinking About Your Channel

Before the creation of your channel, it is very important for you to be careful in choosing a username for your YouTube channel. Channel name is very important and after some times it becomes your brand name that recognize you and your identity.

Always choose simple and easy to remember channel name that your audience easily know about it and remember it always. On YouTube platform, you must becomes a unique for better performance and huge success that you always want to get. Always trying that your username name must be match with your channel URL, and it must be unique, short, rememorable etc.

Designing in Smarter Way

Designing is a very vast field, but people don't given the importance about designing and they think it not as important as other factors. But believe me, better designing helps you a lot for your YouTube success.

First of all, select your channel type according to your niche / topic and match them with the categories provided by YouTube and plan a complete design of you channel which reflects your company or brand with the audience.

Create unique channel logo and YouTube banner art in any graphics designing software and making a professional logo and banner art. Remember that, your logo and banner art reflects your audience and it becomes a brand while some time, so always focus more on it. 

Optimized Description, Title, Tags

Many newbies or almost more than half of YouTube total users not write video description, perfect title, or even not add any tags. They just create video and upload on channel and hit publish button.

The description, tags are very important if you want to getting a higher ranking in YouTube, Google and search engines, and getting a huge amount of traffic.

The description must be unique, informative but not be too lengthy like a story. Simply include some popular and good keywords that engaged better with search engines. Use tags (Meta Tags) which helps you more to increase your visibility.

Your video title must be unique, catchy and attracting. It must be appropriate to your channel. But remember that not overdo this because it consider as spamming and your channel will be banned, suspended or even terminating permanently.

Subscribe and Promote

When you upload some videos with proper setting, including tags, title, description, thumbnail etc then go to watch others videos which is related to your videos, and subscriber their channel and promote yourself.

Comments below these videos and telling others to subscribe you for some new this kind of videos. It is a greate way of channel promotion and in this way you can easily promote your channel and getting success in YouTube career.

Use Social Media Sites

No doubt, today is the social media age. Every one use social media sites and always connected with them. Simply create your account on all popular social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Stumbleupon etc and share your contents on it. They will helps you to increase your views and subscribers and helping you for your success.

Upload Frequently

I've seen hundreds or even thousands of people on YouTube, that create their YouTube channel, uploading 40, 50 videos, and then move to other. They not get back to it until it will getting subscribers and views. This is a very bad strategy specially for newbies.

Uploading contents (Videos) frequently onto your channel and be sustainable, if you want to become successful in YouTube career. YouTube wants to updating their contents on regular basis, so always be frequent and sustainble and uploading everyday new video on your YouTube channel and make it a brand and making thousands of dollars every single month.

So these are some important points for YouTubers. I hope this might be helpful for all of you if you have a YouTube channel or want to start it. Simply follow all these simple steps and becomes a successful YouTuber.

31 December 2016

How to Insert Blank Spaces in HTML Pages or Web Documents

As you know that, multiple spaces normally created by the space-bar on the keyword. Also using the tab key and return keys. But these all are ignored by web browsers when you writing a code. HTML just interprets them all as white-space between words, and displays on a single space. CSS (Cascading Style sheet) allows you to making a more precise white-spaces and indentations. Now here I'll show you how to easily add blank spaces in html/css documents or web pages.

IMAGE : How to Add Blank Spaces in HTML Documents
IMAGE : How to Add Blank Spaces in HTML Documents

How to Creating Extra Spaces Before OR After Text

There are different ways to adding a blank spaces in html web documents. Like the first most used method is to add html entities ( ) inside html documents where you want to add blank space. All new users taking this more confusing things to add space just by pressing spacebar multiple time.

For example, with "This is How to Guide for HTML Space Creation" we have the below code in our HTML.

This is How to Guide for    HTML Space Creation

Insert Spaces in Texts in HTML Elements 

If you're pasting text with extra spaces or tabs, you can simply use HTML tags which is known as <pre> tag. It can easily keep the text formatted. Check out the example below :

This      is     the     text     of     inserting      space

Now check out this example and see it's HTML code below.

<pre class="tab">This    text      has    lots of     spaces</pre>

Creating a TAB using CSS and HTML

Almost everyone know about TAB button. A TAB can be easily created in HTML by simply adjusting the margin from left side of an element. Simply check out the below example of CSS and HTML code :

.tabex {
margin-left: 2.5em

So these are the simplest examples and methods to easily insert spaces in HTML pages or web documents. I hope that this might be helpful to you and if you like this post then please share with others on social media sites. You can also share other methods which you know below in the comment section and I'll adding your method in this post too.

29 December 2016

Sample Code for Inserting HTML Spaces - HTML Help

Sample Code for Inserting HTML Spaces

Now here is the sample code for inserting blank spaces in html documents and web pages. This might be helpful for web developers and students who find how to add blank spaces in html documents. The most popular and the best way to add space is the HTML entity (&nbsp;).

When to Use
When you want to add a single space
When you want to add a paragraph break
When you want to add a line break
When you want to display text as-written
<p style="text-indent: 5em;"></p>
When you want to insert a tab (this is technically CSS code, as there’s no easy way to do tabs in HTML)
Downloaded from http://www.techora.net

15 December 2016

How to Find WiFi Password in Windows PC/Laptop

Are you using a WiFi network connection and your PC/Laptop always connected to it. Do you need to give your wireless connection password to your lovely friend or any guest, but can't remember it? then don't worry here is the solution. I'll share a complete guide about how to find your forgotten wifi password from your PC/Laptop in any Window OS. 

image: how to find wifi password in windows

So there are many other methods here to easily find your wifi password but believe me this guide will help you a lot. I share little guide with snapshots that helps you to easily understand this guide. I also added a YouTube video at the end of this article, about Finding a Wi-fi Password in Windows PC that is also very helpful for you. So why waste our time, just go below and learn how to find your Wifi password by just following these simple steps.

How to Find Your Wifi Password in Windows PC/Laptop

Step 1 - In this step, simple open your network connection window just by going into your control panel window or from the taskbar menu. Windows automatically saves your passwords for the networks that you connect to. So see your saved passwords, simple open your Network Connections window by right-clicking on your network icon (symbol) from the taskbar, and click on "Open Network and Sharing Center".

image: How to Find WiFi Password in Windows PC/Laptop

Step 2 - Now a window appear, here you'll see the default connected wifi connection, you just simply click on that Wireless  Network Connection and then a window appear. 

image: How to Find WiFi Password in Windows PC/Laptop

Step 3 - Now in step 3, a window appear, in which simply click on the "Wireless Properties" where you'll check out the basic properties of your connection wifi connection with their passwords too.

image: How to Find WiFi Password in Windows PC/Laptop

Step 4 - After clicking on the link of "Wireless Properties" button, a new window open where two tab (Options) are available, you just click on the "Security" tab button. 

image: How to Find WiFi Password in Windows PC/Laptop

Step 5 -  Here you'll see your network connection security type and encryption type. Now just below in 3rd column you'll see your network security keys which called (WiFi Password). Simply check the mark and see your wifi password.

image: How to Find WiFi Password in Windows PC/Laptop

So by using this simplest and easiest method you'll find your wifi password in windows 7, 8, 10 with your PC/Laptop computers. I hope you might be like this post. Just for knowledge please be shared this post with others that might be helpful for others too. 

Watch Video : How to Find WiFi Password in Windows

24 November 2016

Video SEO: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Now on this week, I'll decided to share with you the two different ways to verify YouTube accounts. Generally, these are two different things but all related to verification. First one is verifying your YouTube Name and second one is verifying your YouTube account. Both have different advantages which we discussed below. As in my previous article, I'll shared a whole tutorial of "how to created YouTube channel and make money on YouTube". Now here I'll discussed two different methods to easily verifying your YouTube channel.

image: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Types of YouTube Verification (Account/Channel)

  • Verifying Your YouTube Name
  • Verifying Your YouTube Account

Although both are little bit different but purpose is same to verifying your YouTube account. But according to "Verification" word, they both are often confused with each other, so don't worry below I'll explain both about how they work and what each of them.

Guide to Verifying Your YouTube Account

Now below is the complete ultimate guide about how to easily verifying your YouTube account and use many features of YouTube which are only available for you if your YouTube channel is verified. Without verification, you cannot use these features like 

  • Appeal Against Copyright Claims
  • Use Custom Thumbnails
  • Upload Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes or More

So first verify your channel and then use it properly and further use. Now below I'll mention all these steps to verifying your channel. 

Step1 - Find Your YouTube Account Setting

First of all go to YouTube and Sign In to your YouTube account, and then click on "Gear Icon" or setting of YouTube. 

image :How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

 Step2 - Use Additional Features

Now here you can use your additional features to verify channel. Simply click on the link "View Additional Features" and go to the features page.

imagE: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Step3 - Find and Then Click on Verify Button

Now you'll see the "verify button" simply click on it and go to the verification page.

picture: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Note: If you don’t see Good Standing next to the Community Guidelines and Copyright sections, you’ll need to solve those issues before you can access certain features, even after verifying your account.

Step4 - Choose Your Country and Verification Method

Now here you see the two function. In first, simply select your country where you live and then choose verification method. YouTube verify your account simply via Mobile Number, so just choose how to verifying your channel via SMS or via Phone Call as your choice.

imagE: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Step5 - Enter Phone Number

Now after that, you'll see a box where you enter your Mobile Phone Number and then click on "Submit" button. If you choose Phone Call verification method, then you'll see a pop up box which only you confirm button and then use this method. But if you use SMS method, then simply adding your number and a 6-digit code will be sending to your mobile number by Google.

image: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

If you use the SMS verification method then this box is not comes and simply click on Submit. 

image : How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Step6 - Enter 6-Digit Verification Code

Now after receiving message from Google, you'll receive a 6-digit code, simply entering this code in the field provided and click on confirm button. 

image: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

Step7 - Confirmed You're Verified

Now check your status, your account is fully verified by YouTube / Google, now you'll use all features of YouTube for better experience. 

image: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

So after verifying your YouTube account, all features which you want to use are visible for further use. I hope you may like this and fully understand this ultimate guide. This is called "Verifying YouTube Account". But if you want to verify your YouTube Name then see below.

Watch Video: How To Verify Your YouTube Account

How to Verify YouTube Name

As you see the verified account on Facebook, Twitter or even Google+ that makes a brand far more credible and useful to other visitors and your followers. Similarly, YouTube also provide the facility to make your channel "BRANDING" by verifying it. If your YouTube Name / account is fully verified, then it make a sense and it tell to users that this page is authentic.

Also Check : How to Make Money on YouTube (Ultimate Guide)

So the question is that how do you make your YouTube channel a BRAND?

When YouTube channel is verified your name, it will show a little verification badge just after your channel name, that showed that your page is professional, and authentic. Just like look out the Google Official page where you see the verified sign just after brand name of Google.

image: How to Verify Your YouTube Account / Channel

This may tells to visitors and all your subscribers that your page is authentic and fully brand about something that your companies is about. Almost all YouTube creators want to trying to get their channel name verified.

But unfortunately, just like Facebook, Twitter and all other social media sites, you can apply for this directly, because Google/ YouTube first check your brand and then verified your name. Google reviews a different factors about your channel and then decide that your is eligible or not.

Google Suggested different things to do if you want to verifying your YouTube Channel. 

  • First connect your YouTube channel to your Google+ page.
  • You Google+ page must be authorized by your company name, product, or brand. 
  • Verifying your website with Google+ as well as YouTube separately. 
  • You must have a substantial / large number of subscribers on your YouTube channel as well as your Google+ page. 

After that, just wait for sometimes, because Google check your status and then decide it is compulsory that for you to verifying your name and make your channel a "BRAND"

I hope you may like my both ultimate guide about verifying YouTube account and make your channel a brand. If you like this, then please share with others. If you want to get more this type of guides, and make money tutorials, then simply subscribe my Newsletters via email and get my all latest posts directly inside your email.

13 November 2016

Business Tips: How a Company Makes its Brand Stronger

Companies rise and fall based on the strength of their brand. Nothing can bring down a company faster than a brand that is viewed as insecure, not technologically stable or having lousy support. Of course the reverse is also true, building your brand the correct way from the ground up with will keep it strong and have people not only using your product but telling their friends about it as well.

image: Business Tips: How Companies Build a Strong Brand
Business Tips: How Companies Build a Strong Brand

If you're brainstorming ways to build, or improve upon, your brand you shouldn't over think it. Start out by making sure you have covered all the basses. Solid technology, top level security and amazing customer support.

Security Measures

Make sure that your customers feel safe when they are using your product. If your brand is on a website or it's a downloadable app, scan it daily to make sure that you haven't been infected with viruses and/or malware. There are many different security seals that you can purchase and display on your page. This will give your customers a secure feeling when using your brand, and will help ensure that they keep on coming back.

When two strong brands team up, the result is usually great for the consumer and your brand. A great example of this is "PayPal Slots" the combination of Slot Heaven and PayPal. Users already loved the games and service that they got when playing at Slot Heaven, and they don't have to worry about any funny business when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money, because of their connection with PayPal.


There is nothing that will sink a brand like old technology. Pay attention to your competitors, download their app and play their games. There are few things that will sink a brand faster than having your customers realize that they can have a better experience elsewhere.

Take a look at Apple, they are one of the most recognizable brands in the world, but they never rest on their laurels or stay satisfied with their technology. If they did, they know that Android will surpass them in no time. So they are constantly making updates to their OS, rolling out new products like the Apple Watch, and releasing a new iPhone seemingly every couple of months.

As an entrepreneur, there is no better company for you to try and emulate then Apple. Keep your products running with the latest cutting edge technology and don't be afraid to take some chances and your customers will take notice. As long as your main product is representing the brand proudly, like the iPhone, even if some of your smaller products aren't as popular as you had hoped, you're consumers will take notice and that will strengthen your brand name.

Customer Support

Make sure that you are there for your customers and that they know how important they are to you. Find the medium that is easiest for your clients, whether it's a ticket system, E-mail, live chat and of course staying on top of your social media accounts and interacting with your customers there.

4 November 2016

How to Make Money on YouTube in 2016-17 (Ultimate Guide)

I'm sure if you're here, then you're already know about "YouTube". In this guide, I'll show you how to make money on YouTube in 2016-17 with ultimate guide. YouTube is a very popular and world largest video sharing platform, where you watch and share your videos free of cost. YouTube provide you the facility to share your contents and make money from your YouTube videos.

There are many quick ways to make money from YouTube. I make this ultimate guide for beginners as well as professional YouTubers to learn more and earn quick money from YouTube.

image: How to Make Money on YouTube - ultimate guide
How to Make Money on YouTube (Ultimate Guide)

You've probably heard different amazing and successful stories from the internet or your friends about regular people earning money on YouTube and also thought about this, "How I can do this?". This is not a simple task to making thousands of dollars via YouTube videos and it is not realistic, but you can start earning money quickly, if you follow this guide.

So why waste your time on other methods to make money online. Here is the genuine method where you can make thousands of dollars every single month. So follow this guide and start making money and living a boss free lifestyle.

Things You Must Need to Make Quick Money on YouTube

a) You have a Google Account / Gmail Account for YouTube Channel.

b) You have a Google AdSense account to Receive Your Payments.

c) You have a Knowledge about any Topic.

d) If you're living in unsupported countries of Monetizing Program, then you must have a VPN or any other proxy software or supported Browser extension that opens YouTube.

The Challenges of Earn Money On YouTube

Generally, the YouTube Myth goes like this : Simply created your own videos or use others, attracting some viewers and then cash in on revenue generated from Google Ads.

This YouTube Myth sounds simple and looking effortless, so that's the story of everyone regurgitates and uses to sell get-rich-quick-schemes. But the reality is reverse of all this. The reality is that you cannot make a handsome amount based on YouTube Ads revenue alone.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Well, If you choose YouTube as your income source, then work hard and learn how much you can make through your video contents. Generally YouTube displaying Google AdSense ads on your videos while playing, and when anyone click on the ads or simple view it, you'll get paid.

But the question behind this is that, "How much money you can make online?". There are many popular YouTubers who are made thousands of dollars every single month through YouTube.

I've not dreamed you to make thousands dollars every month, but using my strategies, you can make $10,000 dollars from YouTube.For this purpose you can follow my "YouTube Earning Plan" where I completely discussed how to make $10,000 dollars through your YouTube videos.

My "YouTube Earning Plan" ($10,000 Per Month)

As I already said that, I don't dreamed you to make thousands dollars, but if you're follow this plan then I trust me, you can make living from YouTube. You make $10,000 per month. So for this what you're doing with your videos.

First of all you create 5 YouTube channels with 1 your primary channel and started uploading videos and make it branded as much as you can. Then monetize your videos and make money. Below are 3 steps my YouTube earning strategy that help you to making online money and living a boss free lifestyle.

Step #1 : Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the service of Google which is the world most popular and largest ad network. AdSense ads are showing on your videos while watching your viewers. When any one clicks on that ads or just view it, you get paid.

Generally, YouTube will payed $1 dollar for 1000 views on your videos. But now YouTube change their terms and conditions, and now YouTube will pay you on your total watch time. Means how much time your video are watched viewers. So you must pay attention on your video contents that people like and watching the whole video until last.

I will assume that my video earn $1 dollar every month so :

- 100 Videos = $100 Dollars

- 1000 videos = $1000 Dollars

- 10,000 videos = $10,000 Dollars

This must be looking difficult, because not one have a such number of videos on their YouTube account, so what is the other thing to make handsome amount.

But Google AdSense ads are not a fixed price , some time they gives you huge money and sometime very less money. Simply check out the below example and see that:

Now in this example, someone my friend make almost $2 dollar for just 667 views, it means he made around $3 to $3.5 for every 1000 views easily.

Basically, Google AdSense ads are vary according to your video topic / niche and your geographical location. Like if your channel is about recipes and your all traffic are comes from United States, UK, and Canada and all other European countries, then you can easily make this type of money.

But if your topic is about entertainment and your traffic comes from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries. So Google AdSense is only the one way which YouTube provide you to make money online.

But don't worry, you can also make money through my second step.

Step #2 : Affiliate Marketing

Generally YouTube allows you to add a links to your blog , website or any other third party site. So this is useful for marketers to easily promote your products or affiliate links through YouTube videos and make a huge amount of money online.

All popular and top YouTubers earning money through this method too. If your channel is about "Food Recipes" or "Health Tips" then there are different affiliate products which you can telling to your viewers and if they like it then they follow your links and buy that products from some particular site and you'll receive small amount of commission according to their affiliate policies.

So if you're using both Google AdSense as well as Affiliate products then you can easily earn $10,000 dollars every single month with little efforts. Simply first decide which type of products you promote and then create videos for that products and share on YouTube. Adding your affiliate links inside videos, use annotations and also add your links in description. If your video get higher ranking, then believe me you can easily make huge income.

Step #3 : Website / Blog with YouTube

Now this is my 3rd most experienced and most powerful method to make money online. Almost today, everyone has a blog or website and they share different contents which are useful for others and others share these contents with their own friends. So in this way you can make money with these visitors via Advertisements, Affiliate Links, Sponsored Posts and many others.

YouTube is also a very biggest source of organic traffic for website and blog owners. Blogger can make thousands of dollars just by getting traffic from YouTube. 

For example, if you're blog or website is all about tips and tricks, then you can also create a videos for every single posts, and host on YouTube. Also embed your YouTube video on your posts, so in this way, if anyone comes to your post they view your video and if any one comes to your video on YouTube they can easily go to your blog. 

So in this way, you can make more money from YouTube as well as your website and blogs. I've also use this method and in my point of view, this is the most powerful and easy method to make more money online.

Video: How to Make Money on YouTube By Young Turks 

Now in this video you can watch how to make money through YouTube monetization by YouTube Creators professional "The Young Turks".

How to Make a Free YouTube Account 

Step#1 - First of all go to www.youtube.com .

image: How to Create a YouTube Account and Make Money - ultimate guide

Step#2 - First of you've a Gmail/Google account for creating your YouTube account. If you already have a Gmail account then simply click on "Sign In" and log in with your Gmail account.

image: How to Create a YouTube Account and Make Money - ultimate guide

Step#3 - Now here enter your Email and Password and then click on "Sign In" button.

image: How to Create a YouTube Account and Make Money - ultimate guide

NOTE: After Sign In YouTube will automatically create your first YouTube channel simply go to your channel and click on create more new channel. 

Step#4 - Now click on your channel image and options open, now click on the "Setting" icon.

image: How to Create a YouTube Account and Make Money - ultimate guide

Step#5 - Now here your channel overview box open, simply click on the link given below if you want to create more new channels within same email address. And also see all other created channels.

image: How to Create a YouTube Account and Make Money - ultimate guide

Step#6 - Now click on the link and create more channels.

image: How to Create a YouTube Account and Make Money - ultimate guide

So in this way you can easily create your YouTube account easily. This is the first step, now go to your account channel and make this channel branded.

How to Link Your Google AdSense to YouTube Account to Receive Payments

Getting approval of Google AdSense is very tough and many newbies don't work online because they think that they not get approval of AdSense account. But don't worry, this is the amazing and easy way to create Google Adsense account and get approved within two hours using YouTube.

But this is called "Hosted Account" because this is created through Google hosted site like YouTube. You can't add Google Ads on your blog or website directly, but you can approved your site through this account and once Google approved your account, you can place AdSense ads on your site too via same account.

Now learn how to easily enable this "Monetization Feature" and adding your Google AdSense with your YouTube account.

Simply go to your features page and here click on "Enable" under monetization.

image: Enable YouTube monetization to make money online

 Here simply click on the link "Enable My Account" for monetization.

image: Enable my account for monetization to make money online

After it a pop up box open which is called "Agreement" simply check all these options and click on the link "I Accept" in the right sidebar below corner.

image: Enable for monetization your youtube account

After that, you'll see another information tab where you can check the process of monetization.

image: How to Make Money on YouTube - ultimate guide

After doing all this process, again go to your feature page and click on the "View Monetization Setting" link and go to monetization area of your account.

image: Enable View Monetization of YouTube to Make Money Online

Here you'll see a page where guidelines and information about Googl AdSense on YouTube which are helpful for you. From these options go to "How Will I be Paid?" option and click on the link "Associate An Adsense Account" here.

image: Disable YouTube monetization for make money online

Now when your clicked on the link, you'll redirected to your Google Adsense page, where you can add your recent used email with AdSense or either create a new account.

Note: I'll recommended you to create new account for AdSense, because If anyhow your YouTube account banned or monetization disable on that account, your AdSense account also banned. 

How to Make Money on YouTube - ultimate guide

So your AdSense will be approved within next couple of hours of may be a day or two day. But first of all you can upload at least one video on your account and then apply for AdSense.

NOTE: It is important for you to use your original information while creating new AdSense account, like your name, address, mobile etc. Because if you use fake information you can't get your payment from AdSense.

So your task is complete. Now you've an AdSense account with YouTube channel. The very next thing you need to do just to design your account and make a plan for making more money from YouTube. Upload your videos and getting new viewers and get paid.

I hope you must have enjoyed and completely understanding the YouTube process after reading my ultimate guide about "How you can make money from YouTube" and I am sure you're going to start working on YouTube from today.

I've available for your help here. Don't worry, if you've any question in your mind, don't forget to ask in comment section below. If you liked this post, then please share all other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Enjoy Boss Free Lifestyle with YouTube!!!

25 October 2016

12 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid Mostly Beginners Make

Newbies and beginners make different SEO Mistakes which are very harmful for them. This is only because they are not aware of some SEO factors or just they don't never ever understand them correctly. Many SEO Mistakes also make by beginners because SEO is a fast growing and changing industry and every single day different changes are takes place in search engine optimization. 

image: 10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid Mostly Beginners Make
12 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid Mostly Beginners Make

I've also doing many of these mistakes in past, but now after understand it I think I also share these SEO mistakes with my loyal readers, so if you're doing or make any of these 12 simple SEO mistakes, then avoid them.

So below I mention top 12 SEO mistakes you should avoid. Mostly beginners make these mistakes, so I hope after reading this article, you'll be understand about it.

12 SEO Optimisation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistake #1 - Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are some kind of special words which we are targeted in our post for getting higher ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). But people taking wrong advantage of it and stuffing the keywords.

If you copy something and paste it again and again, then this is a very poor thing and people doesn't like it. Same like in search engine, if you repeating the keywords search engine don't like your contents and as a result you never ever get ranked.

If you repeating your any targeted keywords again and again in your article for more than their density, then this is called "Keyword Stuffing". Search engine don't allow this thing and mostly sites ranking drop down due to this common SEO mistake.

Mistake #2 - Too Long / Big Title of Posts

Post Title plays an important role in SEO optimisation in search engine. This is the heading of your web page or single post in a blog, which is shown to users in search results, when they search out any term in the search engine.

Always use short, small, sweet and fully optimized and relevant title for your posts. Try to target your primary keyword in it. Usually use at start, and make your title more attractive and SEO friendly.

Too long titles are not beneficial for you, because your title will be hidden in search results sometimes, and if you use your main keyword at last, then this will not be shown in search, as a result you'll get low ranking and lose huge visitors.

Mistake #3 - You're Not Use Google Keyword Planner Tool

Many of newbies and beginners not use any keyword tool for keyword research and this is the biggest factor and mistake in SEO. Many people think that if you're use Google Keyword Tool before writing your contents, they are somehow cheating, and in my point of view, this is completely or somehow truth.

Google Keyword Tool will give you suggestions to choose those particular and optimized keywords which are high CPC (Cost Per Click) / PPC and high number of visitors. Like if you want to write on Blogging, then first find this keyword in "Keyword Tool" and then try out to find some similar keywords which have highly traffic.

Many people doesn't get high ranking and never ever get ranked in search results, because they are not use Google Keyword Planner Tool for keyword research.

Mistake #4 - Broken Links

Links are some kind of hyperlink which appears between different keywords in any web page of your website. If you make a link to any other destination and this place doesn't more exist, then this is called "Broken Links".

In SEO point of view, links are very important, and search engine crawler crawls and index all these links and all other pages which are points your links. But if user click on your link and they don't find useful or relevant information of that place, or page doesn't exist there, then this is the broken links and search engine hates these type of links.

Mistake #5 - Copied Contents

Now today is the 21st centuries, and technologies changes rapidly. Before 5 to 6 years back, people can use other created contents to their own sites and blogs and use them for making their blogs and make money from them. 

But now this is the biggest mistake in online world, copied contents are not allowed by search engine. If you copied contents from any place and use them into your site, then search engine find it and mostly times block your site and many times banned it permanently.

Mistake #6 - Excessive Use of Flash Contents

Flash contents are not in HTML or CSS formats, so search engines not find it easily and crawl that contents. If you're using huge amount of flash content, it will be more harder to get high ranking in SERP.

Many beginners try to use flash content to make their blog or websites more attractive and dynamic, but it will reduce your loading time of your website and as a result your ranking drop down. 

So always make sure that content that you want to get ranking higher in search engines, always make it in HTML/CSS formats. You can also replace all your flash contents in HTML5/CSS3 and make your site more dynamic. 

Mistake #7 - Not Use 404 Error Code When Need

As I previously mention in an article, how to create a custom 404 error page. It is important in SEO. When user comes to your site and click any of the link, but behind that link no page exists. 

Then you can use 404 error page that redirects your visitors to back to your original or homepage. If you don't use this 404 error status code, then your site will look less trustworthy in the eyes of Google and all other search engines.

Mistake #8 - Not Allowing to Crawl Your Site

Many beginners try to different tasks with their site and many time disable the functionality of crawling your webpages. If you don't allow search engine robots to crawl your page, you can't get ranking and your pages doesn't appear in search results.

Matt Cutts, a professional Search Spam Engineer at Google Company, said that "One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating their websites are disallow to crawl their sites".

Mistake #9 - Don't Understand SEO Importance

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) should be the key factor to any new blog or website projects. Gone those days when SEO is just a simple technique to ranking your page. Now there are many different things changed and without proper SEO, you never ever get ranking.

Consider link building, proper keywords selection, use keywords properly, having keywords in page URL's / Permalinks, XML Sitemap, Titles and many other things. These are the basics of SEO and make sure that at least you make these things properly at startup, whenever you try to build your new websites.

Mistake #10 - Irrelevant Links / Anchor Text Links

Anchor Texts are somehow a kind of keywords which we use to put link and point to another page of our website or any other third party site.

Beginners try to make a backlinks of their previous published posts using any anchor texts and as a results search engine drop you in ranking. Because search engine wants to satisfied their users which are come to your site via Google search.

If you make a anchor text like "Blogging Tips" and behind this link no page exists or just a page with other topic, then this is a irrelevant anchor link, and search engine restrict you to don't try to make this type of errors in your sites. 

Mistake #11 - Doing Too Much Internal Linking

Link Juice is a very important thing that only trickle goes to each of your web pages. But not over down your link juice. It is very beneficial to making internal linking between your post contents, because this make your site sky rocket and improve your link juice.

But As you know that, behind every good thing, bad thing exists. Same like in internal linking technique. Many beginner try to use too much internal links between within a single posts which look like spam, and search engine hates that type of pages. 

Mistake #12 - Use Irrelevant Title Tags and Meta Description

Titles tags and meta description are very important attribute in SEO point of view. Mostly beginners not try to make their meta description optimized and unique with others.

Meta description is the text which is appear below title in search results. This is a very important 160 characters in length text, which is used in SEO. You can always use your primary keyword in it and make it more attractive, SEO optimized, and short.

Also make your post title attractive and eye catching that catch your visitors attractions and force them to check your article. But beginners make this mistake and as a result failed.

So these are my top 12 learning SEO mistake that are very important especially for beginners. You should avoid these SEO mistakes and try to fulfill all these requirements and writing your posts fully SEO optimized. I hope this might be helpful for you, for your kind suggestions, use below the comment section.

15 October 2016

10 Top Software Companies/Houses in Pakistan

Software companies and IT (Information Technology) industry is growing day by day in all around the world. Same like in Pakistan, there are huge number of IT and Software Companies/houses are established and adding their key rolls in Pakistan IT Industry. It is specially comes and talking about in Punjab, where are dozens of software companies and software houses are working day and night and provide services in Pakistan as well as all over the globe.

image: 10 Top Software Companies/Houses in Pakistan
10 Top Software Companies/Houses in Pakistan

Only in Punjab, the biggest province of Pakistan according to their population, there are approximately thousands of software houses operating. Many of them are registered and many are unregistered.

If you're looking some best and top software companies in Pakistan, then here in this article, I'll share the top 10 Best Software Companies/Houses in Pakistan.

These are the best workplaces in Pakistan that makes great place to working with other professionals of different sectors and different sizes.

Now below I listed out 10 top software companies/houses in Pakistan who operating their services in IT industry of Pakistan. So if you're are freshly graduate from universities, or have any skills in software developments and software solutions then comes and join any of these companies and making your career successful.

List of 10 Top Software Companies/Houses in Pakistan

  • Netsol Technologies
  • Techlogix
  • Zepto Systems
  • Ovex Technologies
  • TRG Tech
  • Kalsoft
  • Arbisoft
  • Mindstorm Studios
  • Xavor Corporation
  • SolutionDots 

Best Software Companies in Pakistan

#1 - NetSol Technologies

In my list, the No.1 IT company in Pakista is the "Netsol Technologies" which is the largest and amongest the top software houses in terms of infrastructures of softwares. It was founded by a well known Pakistan person "Salim Ghauri" in 1995. Here now a time, more than 1300+ employees working day and night to provide software solution services. After dealing with top brands over 30+ countries, it becomes the largest IT company in Pakistan.

#2 - Techlogix

Techlogix another the biggest name in software development companies in Pakistan. Techlogix was founded by Salman Akhtar, Kewan Qadre Khawaja and Khuram Afridi in 1996. More than 300+ people working there now a times. It's main office operating in Lahore with many sub-offices in different cities of Pakistan. It provides software development solutions to clients all around the world. 

#3 - Zepto Systems

Zepto Systems also a very largest IT software development company in Pakistan who operating more than two decades of experiences. In Pakistan IT Industry,it plays a vital role to established it very well. Zepto Systems is a web designing and web development company. They also develops softwares and many other applications and provide IT based services to their clients. 

#4 - Ovex Technologies

Ovex Technologies is a third party very popular and amazing offshore business process outsourcing software house in Pakistan. It plays a powerful role in IT industry of Pakistan to make it more strong and wider. It is a very popular and well-known software company who provided leading exporter of IT solutions. They have many different offices in different cities of Pakistan, like Lahore, Islamabad. 

#5 - TRG Technologies

TRG Tech is a very amazing and tech innovation firm, which is also considered as the Pakistan's Pioneering global outsourcing company. They get their businesses through the use of innovation and creative technology.They provide different services like business process consultancy to custom application development.

#6 - Kalsoft

Kalsoft provides dynamic and amazing information technology solutions to many different small and large industries including Governments as well as private firms. They also providing it's consultancy services in different field. The major discipline of this company is software development and IT solutions all around the world. They provides dynamic technology solutions that attain all real businesses results in diverse industries. They provides internationally services to many countries like in Pakistan, UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia and many others.

#7 - Arbisoft

When we want to discovered largest and biggest software companies in Pakistan, Arbisoft also in numbers. Arbisoft founded in the year 2007 by Yasser Bashir. They provide dabbled and specialized in a wide variety of disciplines that include 3D modelling, game development, and cloud enterprise applications. They also provide the services including mobile app development and IT solutions.

#8 - Mindstorm Studios

Mindstorm Studios was formed by two brother Babar Ahmad and Faraz Ahmed in 2006. At that time, their company become the very famous and was hailed as one of the leading entrepreneurs of that time. It is a very famous and best software companies/houses in Pakistan that mainly focus on the field of Game development. Their major achievements is the "Game Development". They develops different games of each level from simple to complex. 

#9 - Xavor Corporation

The most popular Pakistan Software House is "Xavor Corporation". It is a information technology firm providing technology and management consultancy services. They provide internationally software solutions. They use high tech methodologies that allows you to leverage complementary viewpoints and arrive at solutions quicker. It is founded in 1995. They are also partnered with Microsoft, Oracle, Qlikview and many other big brands.

#10 - SolutionDots 

SolutionDots Technologies is also a very new but amazing and powerful software company in Pakistan. They provide different software solutions, website development, eCommerce website design, logo design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They provide different website design-making sure your website attracting and amazing user friendly. They provide different services locally and internationally.

So these are list of top 10 software companies / houses in Pakistan. There are thousands of other software houses also operating in industry, but I'll sorted out some best and well-known companies that helps you to know about these software houses. If you find that many of other popular software companies available, then suggest me I'll adding in my list soon. Use below comment box for your kind suggestions and mind thoughts.