24 September 2016

"Content is King" - The Biggest SEO Myth in Blogging

You've heard this phrase thousands times on internet "Content is King".

I personally published dozens of posts in which I tell to every newbies and claiming that like other professional bloggers that content is king and it is the most No.#1 way to rank higher in search engines and getting organic traffic.

image: "Content is King" - The Biggest SEO Myth in Blogging
Biggest SEO Myth in Blogging - "Content is King"

Are you know there are millions of posts are published on daily basis and mostly of them are crap and not unique and real contents, still get tons of visitors to their blogs and websites. So after that you also think that "Is content really king?".

I give the answer in simple words, "It is not true".

Contents really matters a lot in search engine ranking but not at all. There are many different factors that search engine used for ranking in web page for some particular keywords.

When you search out different topics on internet, you've find thousands of search results that has a poor contents but still ranked. So after seeing this type of contents, the question arise in your mind, Is content is king or not? .

Many plagiarism related contents also ranked. But Google Panda and Penguin are the best algorithms that finds this kind of tactics in your site and banned or drop down your ranking.

I always suggest that to create high quality contents for your readers. Don't copy paste anything from others. Use some plagiarism checker tools to find plagiarized contents into your post and remove it. Then you'll see your results easily appears in SERPs.

There are two basic myth about blogging, one "Why content was King?" and the second one "Why content is not king". So below I'll discuss both that helps you to clear your mind about both phrase.

Why content was king?

Okay, so let's take the back story about contents that every bloggers said to newbies.

For a many long time the professional and newbie bloggers saying that content is king and I also one of them. We every read and listen that contents are very important in search engine ranking and if you've not a quality contents then you can't ever ranked. 

That is mostly true, that time and now too.

But it is only the one part of web page ranking, first you must taken a face value. Internet has been changed every single day and million of posts / web pages are published on daily basis. So recognized quality and poor contents is much difficult for search engines.

Now search engine consider some other factors to ranked any web page in SERP (search engine results pages). Like On-page SEO , Link Buildings, Blog Title, Blog Speed, Responsive Design, Social Shares, Page Rank, Alexa Rank and user points of view etc.

There are 200+ factors Google use and then recognize which page is suitable for ranking in search results for a particular keyword. So don't rely on contents only today world changed and every day changed more.

Why content is not king?

As we saw the one end of the page ranking and now we consider the other end in which we fully understand of why content is not king?.

Everyone has a good contents, so good contents is not enough, you also need to do some other things. Below are some important points that helps you to understand why is it?.

How Beneficial your SEO Practice?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important technique and now a days this is the mostly used technique to rank any web page in search results. 

If you think that once you've done SEO via blog commenting or any other ways and the rest is magical, you may end up with disappointed. If you actually want to get your contents on the top of the Google, then your must optimize your contents for search engines and make it more friendly that your readers likes.

Are your Promoting your Contents?

In this social media life, everyone use different social media sites and search engine also prefer those web pages which has more social shares.

If you doesn't promote your contents on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn then you cannot get ranking. Search engine loves those contents that are viral on other social platforms and they recognize that these contents are real and user loves that, so they rank you easily.

Are your bookmarking your contents on different social bookmarking sites. It is also very important in link building technique. So backlinks also plays the most important role in search engine ranking now a days.

Use Some User Engagement Techniques

If your visitors will not love your contents then it doesn't matter how much quality your contents has?. If readers loves your contents then it is the sign of quality contents.

Search engines loves those contents where engagement level high. Readers share your contents, likes them, and also links back to their own site. This increases the trust of your blog /website in the search engine eyes and your visibility increasing more.

Conclusion :

Now this is the complete guide about "Why Content is not King". This is the biggest blogging myth and everyone tells to others. I'm not disputing the fact that content is king but you must know about the real value of content. Writing good piece of content is not enough. So always promote your contents and optimizing it as well as you can and try to get more reach. If people engaged with your contents, then your content automatically getting higher ranking in search engine and receive organic traffic.

23 September 2016

20 Best Royalty Free Music Websites for YouTube Videos

Majority of video creators always finds some royalty free music sites where they can easily find every type of free creative commons music for their YouTube and other videos.

I think you've always wondered about where many of these video creators get their free background music from, here I share the list of top 20 Best Royalty Free Music Websites for Video Creators where you can download your free music for your YouTube videos. 

image : 20 Best Royalty Free Music Websites for YouTube Videos
Best Royalty Free Music Websites for Video Creators

Many companies and some individuals always create Creative Commons Licenses music. They produced and share that music with the general public without charge anything.

People can easily use these music to their video background and never ever get the copyright issues. You can use all these music commercially or non-commercially.

Many people use YouTube to share videos and make money online from them by placing Google AdSense ads. When anyone watch their videos and click on the ads they'll get paid.

So if you're new in YouTube and many times facing the Copyright issue in YouTube videos especially by music, then don't worry, Here I share a complete list of 20 best creative commons free music websites where you're able to download music and use them into your videos without any copyright issues.

I've found many websites on the internet for download free music for videos, but the most of them I personally doubted about and don't recommended you to use them.

I personally many times face the issue of copyright with most popular website SoundCloud.Com so don't be panic. I found and share some best and fully trusted websites from which you're able to download free royalty music with creative common license to use to your YouTube videos.

20 Best Royalty Free Music Sites For Your YouTube Videos

#1 - Audiofarm

Audiofarm is a free royalty free music provider company that has a wide selection free musics that you can easily download and use into your YouTube videos. Without registration simply click on the button and download any music which you want to use.

#2 - YouTube Free Music Library

The most trusted and profitable way to find royalty free music is the YouTube Library. I personally recommend this great site to download any music and use them into your videos. Generally two types of music available at YouTube, one gives you totally free that you use into your videos. But the second recommend you to credit them into your videos any how. But these are also free and use them into your projects.

#3 - ArtistServer

This is also my choice. At ArtistServer there are thousands of free MP3 music are available that you download without any fees. Simply Sign Up here and find which you want to download it for free. You can easily use them into your video projects and share with the world.

#4 - BenSound

This is the French musician based company where you'll get the free creative common music for videos. All their music are high quality and easy to use. Simply going to their "Royalty Free Music" category and download any music which you want and then use as a backhground music into your YouTube Videos. You can also buy their subscription packages, but I don't recommend you, simply download free music and use them into your projects.

#5 - ccMixter

ccMixter is a very popular music community site where you find thousands of free music that falls under the category of Creative Commons License. You can first listen and then download any music according to your taste and interest. Almost all are free of cost you use them but many creative commons license may also require to give credit within your video.

#6 - Musopen

Musopen is a copyright expired music provide company that said that "We provide recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the general public for free, without copyright restrictions". You can find category wise music like composer, performer, instrument based. They also gives you the tons of free classical music too.

#7 - BumpFoot

Bump Foot is a Japanese based music sharing company that provide mostly techno, trance beats and electronics dance music files. This site is especially for those who create a technology related videos and use some MP3 music as a background. Without registering you can download your required music easily and freely.

#8 - SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a most popular website on the internet where MP3 related words used. People can use this platform, to share their own MP3 related audio files with the world. Under their Creative Commons License you can download MP3 tracks and use them within your projects.

#9 - Jamendo

Jamendo has more than 3,80,000 audio MP3 tracks on their site, which has in many different languages and different countries. You can find almost any kind of royalty music free and use them as a video background sound into your projects and YouTube videos.

#10 - Vimeo Free Music Library

Vimeo is a very popular video sharing website which is consider as the second best site after YouTube. Same like YouTube, Vimeo provide free music library to their users. You can use these creative commons license tracks in your YouTube videos without any copyright issue. You can use these tracks by giving simple credit link in your video to the real creator of the music which is under by Creative Commons License.

#11 - Beatpick

If you want to use MP3 tracks into your videos as non-commercial or non-profit productions then Beatpick is totally free site. Simply search according to your taste and interest, click on "License Song" and then choose "Non Commercial Projects" and download it.

#12 - Sonnyboo

This site provide your free music to download and use it within your video projects. If you want to use Sonnyboo, then you've to credit the original owner of hte songs. They provide different songs based on different categories.

#13 - Incompetech

If you always find many sites and doesn't take interest to them. Then IncompeTech is the best site for "Royalty Free Music". They provide a wide variety of different music files. Simply browse their selection by genre. When you find your interest based track simply played it and it will automatically download this file.

#14 - Purple Planet

Purple Planet is a huge collection of royalty free music database. They have thousands of free tracks on their database for users to download free of cost under creative commons license and use them into your YouTube videos. They provide music on horror, techno, jazz, short logos, tense, dramatic, reflective etc.

#15 - Free Music Archive (FMA)

FMA stands for "Free Music Archive" a largest hub of free royalty music on the internet for video creators. They add upto 1100+ new songs on every single month on their database. Use these music into your videos and share with the world.

#16 - PacDV

I hope you've many times seen on many videos, that they use some sound effects as a background. If you also want to get this type of tracks, then PacDV is the best place for you. They offers tons of free royalty music and sound effects. Simply link back to their site if you want to use their music within your videos, or any other projects.

#17 - Moby Gratis

Moby Gratis provides the well-known artist music without any copyright issues to use them into your YouTube videos. They provide all MP3 tracks to download free of cost and use it. If you're a non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone then Moby Gratis provides you unlimited tracks. Simply create account and use their music within your projects.

#18 - JewelBeat

Jewel Beat provides free background music to video creators to use within their videos and make their videos more professional and good looking. You can use these tracks on your YouTube videos, advertising, education , photos, videos etc. For use their music, you must provide a back to their site link.

#19 - Audio Nautix

The very famous website on the earth is AudioNautix that provide free royalty music with creative commons license. This site has a very big database, because they have tons of music for video creators. You can find any track via Genres or mood.

#20 - iBeat

iBeat also a very famous organization of free music for video creators. They provide free beats breaks loops and instrumentals tracks that helps you to make your video more attractive. Download music from this site and use them into your YouTube videos.

So this is the list of Top 20 Best Royalty Free Music Websites with creative commons license. Simply go to these sites and find your interesting music and download them. Then use these music files within your projects and YouTube videos and then share with the world. Don't worry all these music sites are fully trusted. You don't get any copyright strike by using these tracks.

I hope you might be interesting this list. This is the great resource especially for video creators. So share this with others and If you know about any other best site then share below comment box. I include it in this list if it is good for others.

20 September 2016

25 Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

There are thousands of social media sites are available that people are using in the world but I point out 25 top platforms. Human's by default has been programmed to be more socially active for some certain extent.

image: Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide
Top Social Media/Networking Sites

People all around the world always looking for some best and great ways to connect and networking with their friends and family members.

Internet provide different social media platforms that helps those people to connect to each other and share their mind thoughts, their memories, like status, photos, videos etc.

Social media networks are the major resource for both large and small businesses that always looking to promote their products and brands to the world online or offline.

Business owners can easily find a great ways on these platforms to use paid advertising and getting their required results. They can use PPC Campaign, CPM Campaign, Banner Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing and many other marketing techniques through social media.

After the major use of social media's, it becomes the second largest resource to getting huge number of traffic to your websites/blogs and getting many new customers after search engines.

People more prefer social media sites than search engine to find their friends, thoughts, and everything on the internet.

For this purpose I collect out List of 25 Best Social networking Platforms that people are using all around the world and these are more beneficial for you and your businesses.

What are Social Media Sites?

Social media are the computer based internet technologies that helps individuals, companies, small or large businesses, Governments, and all other organizations to share their thoughts, information, ideas with each other and also promote their products and reach all around the world.

Social media sites are much different than other electronic media's such as TV, Paper Based etc in many different ways including their frequency, reach, performance, usability etc.

List of 25 Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Below is the list of top and major active social networking platforms that more people are using to share their thoughts, information and ideas with their friends and families.

#1 - Facebook

image: Facebook Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Facebook is the world most usable social networking website which has more than 1.71 billion monthly active users. It is founded in Feb 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with their four other classmates friends at Harvard University, USA.

It is a for-profit corporation and the most popular online social media service based in California, United States. Initially it was limited to Harvard Students only, but after it's success, they expanded it with the world.Now it is the world No.1 social website. 

image: Twitter Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Twitter is an online social media platform and also known as the micro blogging platform. People use Twitter for sharing short messages like up to 140-50 characters long. In Twitter site, this message is known as "Tweets".

Twitter becomes the world biggest social website with 25 offices all around the world. Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass and launched in July 2006. Twitter has more than 310 million monthly active users worldwide.

image: YouTube Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

YouTube is an amazing and most powerful & popular video-sharing website which was founded by Feb 14, 2005 by Steve Chen, Chard Hurley and Jawed Karim, who were all early the employees of PayPal. 

In Nov 2006, YouTube was bought by Google Company for US$ 1.65 Billion. It's headquarter is in San Bruno, California, USA. YouTube slogan was very beautiful "Broadcast YourSelf".

You can create YouTube account free of cost using your Gmail ID, and upload your videos and share with the world. YouTube website used by all around the world and mostly used for entertainment purposes.

image: LinkedIn Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

LinkedIn which is officially known as "Linked In" with others. It is a business related social media platform. It was founded by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Vaillant on Dec 14, 2002 and officially launched in 2003. 

LinkedIn has more than 433 million registered users worldwide. It is available in 24 different languages, called multilingual. It's main headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA.

LinkedIn slogan is very awesome "Relationship Matter". People can use LinkedIn to linked with other professional and business owners and also finding jobs and sharing jobs.

image: Google+ Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Google provide the popular and very beneficial social media platform called "Google+" which is also known as Google Plus. It is a very popular site because it is owned by Google itself.

Google+ launched in 2011 and becomes the user choice on the internet. According to Larry Page, Google Plus gets 40 million users within 2011 which shows it's popularity. 

People can create Gmail account and use this service. You can create communities which are just like Facebook groups where you can share your ideas with other members. In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) points of view, Google+ is my favorite and best choice and marketers widely use it.

#6 - Pinterest

image: Pinterest Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Pinterest is a photo sharing website based on both web and mobile application. It is available in many different languages but the original language is English. The website was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. 

Pinterest has more than 500 employs working days and nights to improve it. It's main headquarter in San Francisco, California, United States. Pinterest is free website which is used by anyone after registration. You can upload, save and manage images which are known as "Pins" and the collection is called "Pinboards". 

Pinterest has more than 70 Million registered users worldwide. It's Alexa ranking increase day by day and it becomes the world biggest and popular photo and video sharing site.

image: Instagram Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Instagram is a mobile based online photo sharing, video sharing social networking platform that provide the facilities to users to take snaps, pictures, images and videos, and share them publicly or privately with others. 

In Aug 2015, it's latest version 7.5 was released, that allowing users to upload any type of media captured in any aspect ration. Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and officially launched in 2010 as a free mobile app. 

This app purchased by Facebook in April 2012 for approximately in US $1 Billion in Cash ans Stocks.It is available in 25 other languages. You can use this app on all smartphones and operating systems like iOS 7.0 or later, Android Devices, Window Phone, Window 10 etc. #8 - StumbleUpon

#9 - Tumblr

image: Tumblr Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform like Blogger and known as the top social media site. It was founded by David Karp in 2007 and owned by Yahoo! since 2013. 

People can create free accounts and within single account, create free blogs and share/post multimedia and other contents. Bloggers can also create private blogs which is not available for public. 

According to latest report of Tumblr, they hosted over 312.2 million blogs worldwide. People also use Tumblr their mobile devices by using their apps. Tumblr becomes the popular blogging platform after Blogspot which is owned by Google. 

image: Vine Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Vine is a just like YouTube, a video short video sharing site. It only provide the facility to share upto 6 seconds long looping video clips with others and anyone can seen it.

Vine was started in June 2012 by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll and Twitter acquired it in Oct 2012, just before it's launch promotion.

Generally, this app is available in 25 other different languages and it's size is very small only 14MB. All operating systems support this app like iOS, Android, Windows, Phones, Windows, OSX and Xbox One etc.

image: Flickr Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Flicker is a video/photo sharing hosting site where you can create free account though Yahoo Mail and share your photos and videos. It was created by Ludicorp in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo Company in 2005. 

Due to digitalization of internet, it becomes the more active social media community which is used by world photo researchers, image editors, and bloggers too. 

Flicker website available in various different languages like English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Spanish etc. It is completely developed in Java / PHP. 

According to reports, Flicker had approximately 95 Billion+ registered users and more than 7 million new images uploaded on daily basis. 

#12 - Reddit

image: Reddit Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Reddit is a social media site, web content rating website. Reddit users can share their texts and links contents and vote other contents up or down to determine their position on the site's pages.

Reddit was founded on June 23, 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. It contains 78+ employees and it's famous slogans is "The front page of the internet".

In 2016 latest report, Reddit has 542 Million Monthly visitors (234 Million Unique Users). Reddit was founded in University of Virginia roommates in 2005. You can freely use Reddit website using email ID and use all it's services.

#13 - Snapchat

image: Snapchat Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Snapchat is a messaging and multimedia mobile app. It is became more popular than many it's competitors. Snapchat was founded bu Sep 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown.

Three of them are the students of Stanford University. The headquarter located in Venice, California, United States. You can freely use this app on your smartphone devices.

Snapchat is primarily used for creating multimedia messages which is referred to as "Snaps". It is consist of a photos or videos. You can also use many effects and filters on your videos and images and share with others.

#14 - Whatsapp

image: Whatsapp Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Whatsapp Messenger is a instant messaging mobile app which is used by smartphone users worldwide. People use this app to send text messages, videos, images, and audio messages to other users using their own standard cellular mobile numbers. 

Whatsapp founded in Jan 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum who both are the former employees of Yahoo!. It's headquarter working in Mountain View, California, United States.

As of Feb 2016, Whatsapp has more than one billion users worldwide. This numbers making it the most popular messaging application. Whatsapp acquired by Facebook Inc. on Feb 2014.

image: Baidu Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Baidu Inc. was the most popular web services company in China. It's headquarted at the Baidu Campus in Beijin's Haidian District, China. 

Baidu was founded in Jan 1, 2000 in Beijing, China. It is search engine based company which has indexed billions of web pages including images and videos and other multimedia links.

image: StumbleUpon Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine just like MySpace, Digg and Delicious. People finds and recommends web contents according to their taste and interest. 

People can discover different things like Web pages, Links, Photos, Videos that other people bookmarked. You can also use it's extension with all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer etc. 

StumbleUpon was founded by Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance and Eric Boyd in Nov 2002 at the University of Calgary.It becomes the best social bookmarking site. 

#17 - Periscope

image: Periscope Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Periscope is a most popular 21st century live video streaming app for smartphone users especially for iOS and Android users.

Periscope was developed and launched bu Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. It was acquired by Twitter Inc before it's launch in 2015. Many people says that is was acquired by Twitter in $75 to $100 million.

Periscope becomes the popular and top social networking site that provide users the free online video streaming platforms.

image: Quora Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Quora becomes the world largest and most popular question-answer community where questions are asked, answered and edited by it's registered users.

Quora Inc was founded in June 2009 by Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever and officially available for all public in 2010. Angelo worked with Facebook and resign from his post in Jan 2010 and create Quora.

Quora has millions of users all over the world. Quora also provide the official iPhone app in 2011 and Android app in 2012 for smartphone users.

image: FourSquare Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

FourSquare was created in 2008 and officially launched in 2009 by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai. It is a mobile app which provides search results for it's users. 

It's slogan is "Foursquare helps you find places you'll love, anywhere in the world". It becomes a social networking site due to it's function of sharing locations. It has More than 45 Million users and over 200 employs working day and night. 

It headquarter is in New York, United States and operated in many different languages like Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Korean, German, French etc. 

image: MySpace Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Myspace is a popular social networking website which offers users to bookmark their web pages, links, videos, photos etc. Using this site, you can get huge amount of website traffic, because people widely use Myspace for exploring new stories everyday. 

It's headquarter available in Beverly Hills, California, United States. It is available in 14 different languages. It was founded in Aug 2003 by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson. 

They can also make millions of dollars every single month through advertisements especially from Google AdSense. You can easily create free account and use Myspace for exploring the world. #21 - Badoo

#22 - Delicious

image: Delicious Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Delicious is a very famous social bookmarking and media sites where people bookmarked their web pages and explore others bookmarked webpages.

Delicious was founded in 2003 by Joshua Schachter and Peter Gadjokov . It is acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. It becomes the more popular social bookmarking media site worldwide.

#23 - Digg

image: Digg Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Digg is just like a Delicious site a wonderful and most popular social bookmarking site with a curated front page. You can find almost all types of web stories like political issues, trending topics, science, technology, and more viral contents.

Digg was founded in Nov 2004 by Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose. It was launched in its current form on July 2012. It also provide the options to share contents to other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook etc.

image: MeetUp Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Meetup as it's name show that people will meet here. It is an online social networking portal that provide the facility to group meetings all around the world. 

People can find and join other groups according to their taste and interest, like Games, Movies, Health, Foods, Technology etc. Meetup founded in 2002 by Scott Heiferman and Matt Meeker.
People who organize groups, Meetup collect some fees and that was it's main source of income. Registration is compulsory for using MeetUp Community. 

#25 - Skype

image: Skype Top Social Media Sites People Are Using Worldwide

Skype is a free application for video calling worldwide. You can use internet connection for video chat all around the world. Users can also share images, texts, videos, audio and many other contents via Skype.

Skype was founded in 2003 by Swede Niklas Zennstrom and the Dane Janus Friis. Microsoft bought this company in 2011 for $8.5 Billion. Skype is available on 108+ different languages.

You can use Skype after creating your account, adding your friends and family members and getting the free video calls services and sharing your ideas live with others.

So this is the list of 25 top social media platforms people are using worldwide. You can use all these websites for networking with others. You can easily share your thoughts, ideas, information's, photos, videos with others using these social networking sites. 

I hope this collection helps you and increase your knowledge about internet. For more latest top lists guide subscribe my Newsletters. Share this article for others just for love. Thanks

19 September 2016

How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Your Website Traffic

Facebook Hashtags may be the best things in Facebook to get a huge amount of traffic to your website or blogs. Almost every Facebook users may be known about it but no one have a clear idea about Hashtags. 

image: Use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Your Website Traffic
How to use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Website Traffic

Hashtag is a very important technique in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). All popular social media sites use these hashtags that helps people to find some particular topic and related information.

Many times on Facebook, you see that people use Hashtags while sharing their posts, or updating their status. It will helps you to increase your visitors and traffic to your Facebook posts as well as your website. 

Before I tell you how to properly use Facebook Hashtags to increase your website traffic, first of all you must know and clear your mind about this thing.

What is Facebook Hashtag?

Facebook users widely used Hashtags when they published their posts. When people add hashtags in their posts description, it will the plane text turn into clickable links that helps you to boost your traffic.

When people click on that link, they will be automatically go to hashtag feeds where all posts are visible to everyone. Hashtags helps the readers to find out the some specific topic easily.

Why We Use Facebook Hashtags?

Facebook Hashtags used for finding specific topic according to your taste and interest. This is used to categories conversations and all specific things, sharing on Facebook. We can use hastags on Facebook for many reasons like :

  • It helps to boost your website traffic.
  • People easily find you via Hashtags.
  • It helps people to search out specific contents on Facebook feed.
  • We can check out all things directly without going to particular page/profile.

How Write Facebook Hashtags Properly & How it Works?

Facebook users often use hashtag to their posts to reach their specific contents directly. Like many other social media sites (Twitter, Google+) etc, users use Hashtags for defining their posts to some particular category. While writing and adding hashtags to their posts keep something in mind and then publish your posts.

  • Use single word to write hashtag.
  • Don't use space between words in hashtags. 
  • You can also use numeric digits in hashtags, but not use special characters because hashtag doesn't supports special characters.
  • Always write relevant words in hashtags and don't be spammer.

How Hashtags Works on Facebook?

Facebook developers use some algorithms to manage hashtag feeds on Facebook to display the most relevant contents to their users.

If I want to share a posts on "SEO Tips" on my profile, then I write some description texts and add any relevant image. I use hashtag like #SEO Tips, now SEO become a clickable link that helps users to go SEO related news feeds where our posts also visible.

I also use #SEOTips together without any space, now this tag doesn't mean to display only in SEO Tips related feeds, but it also appear in SEO too. So in this way Facebook hashtags works and more people will see your posts. So in this way you'll increase your website traffic.

How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Website Traffic

Now this is the main area of this post, where I tell you how to properly use hashtags on Facebook to getting more organic traffic to your website and increase your leads, sales and commissions.

Step 1 - First of all Sign in to your Facebook profile and go to your Facebook page.

Step 2 - Now write some description texts.

e.g : I want to share a post on Blogging Tips & Tricks related, then I'll write here,

  "Best Blogging Tips That Helps Your To Become a Successful Blogger".

Step 3 - If you want to share any link, then share it below the descriptive text.

Step 4 - Facebook automatically collect image if available to the links destination. But if image does not exist, then upload relevant image.

Step 5 - Tag some people who are more relevant and interesting to your post.

Step 6 - Now convert relevant words in your text into hashtags by using Hash Symbol ( # ) and make it clickable link. e.g:

#Blogging Tips to become a successful blogger

Step 7 - You can also use two or more hashtags, or if you want to write two words within single hashtag then it also not bad.

#Blogging #Tips to become a #Successful #blogger


#BloggingTips to become a #Successfulblogger

So in this way you can easily use hashtag on Facebook profile or page and getting more visitors to your posts.

This is really very easy way to use Hashtag and it will helping people to bring huge amount of website traffic. But don't SPAM with hashtags. If you do so, then Facebook team will be blacklist to you and at the end suspend your account.

So always doing great job with hashtag and make it naturally. I hope this post helps you to increase your website traffic via Facebook and increase your Facebook fans too.

11 September 2016

Why Blog? 5 Reasons You Should Start a Blog in 2016-17

Blogging is a current trend for any generation. Anyone can start blogging - a student, a writer, a scientist, a fashion designer or a tech savvy, or a biker, or a bookworm, or a cinephilia - I guess you got it, it's a never ending list by profession or hobby. Anyone who is devoted to something, or passionate about something can start blogging with that and for that.

image: Why Blog? Reasons You Should Start a Blog in 2016-17
Why Should People Start a Blog?

Blogging helps you to learn, help you to grow, help you to spread your knowledge. Besides this, you can meet new and genuine people from around the world, you can create loyal followers, you can discover yourself new way.

And of course, you can earn your living hood without work for any individual person or any organization.But before learning these reasons, first of all you should know "What is a Blog / Weblog?" .

Here I listed 5 reasons to start a blog in 2016-17 for you so you can understand the endless possibilities of blogging.

5 Reasons You Should "Start a Blog" in 2016-17

#1 - You can inspire others

This is the main and enough reason for any human to start blogging. If you know something you should share with others. This is what we should know for - passing. Blogging gives you that platform to passing your knowledge.

What I hate about all those so call the top and successful known in their profession is they don't want to pass their knowledge. If they know something better, or know any secret they should teach others.

You are maybe an actor, a farmer, a lawyer, an engineer, a musician or anything whatever you know better, you should teach others. Give it for free or set a price - before you die, spread your knowledge.

If you want to pass your knowledge, blogging gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge to a much larger network - all over the world.

#2 - You can earn your living hood

One of the main reasons for blogging is you can turn it into a business. However, when you are starting a blog for the first time, you should not start thinking that this blog would make you money. 

When you start your career as a blogger, money thinking not only can distract you but also can disappoint you badly. You have to understand that it doesn’t happen overnight. But, yes, you can earn your living hood with blogging and so very much that you can't imagine.

Blogging gives you an opportunity to leave your daily and boring 9 to 5 jobs. Instead, follow your love and dedicate to your passion and start writing. 

It gives you an opportunity to become your own boss - and a businessman. No more daily and boring schedule, no more satisfactions. Also, you can use it to make an extra income when you are still doing your day job.

Working for yourself may don't sound interesting to you. But still, you should start a blog from now. Real life marketing is changing their track into the online marketing. 

So, a blog in a specific field can help you to become an employee for those firms and startups who want to hire.

#3 - To Establish Yourself as an Expert

Blogs are the the wonderful things that help bloggers to establish themselves and prove as an experts in a specific field or topic. For example, if you're a student and want to higher study, then you can choose some particular subject and become master in this topic. 

Same in blogging, you can choose any particular topic and establish yourself as an expert due to a lot of research and practice in this topic and you know "Practice Makes a Man Perfect".

#4 - You’ll become a better thinker

Blogs are best tools that provide you the opportunity to research a lot and find different things that your readers wants to read. Process of content writing encourages you think deeper and find the best solutions for any problem.

You'll delve more deeper thinking into your life matters and the worldview that shapes them. You can think more and find different new things that no one ever hear or know about them. 

Then, you write your findings into your own words and make an fully optimized article, and then publish on your blog and share with your readers.

#5 - You stay in touch with old and introduces you to new

Blogging also gives you an opportunity to stay in touch with your family and friends, and also introduces you to new people. 

This two thing is not possible at the same time in other business. This is a chance for you to show your family and friends what you up to, what you are sharing, what you are doing in your life. 

Also, it gave a glimpse of your life to your family members who lived far away from you. Blogging is a way to tell them what we were doing with your lives at the moment.

Also, blogging opens up a new door for you to meet people, both in person and online. Facebook, twitter or whatever social network you use, blogging community is one of the most active community out there. 

If you feel like you don't have a true friend in the world who understand you, become a blogger and you will have genuine friends from all over the world. Because they are also a blogger and you can easily relate them in a way that no one else understands.

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It is not possible to write about the endless possibility of blogging in a single post. There has more reason for you to start a blogging career right now. 

Its expand your skill, help you to find a new way, help you to think. Blogging can help you to write better, build your confidence, and build you credibility. It helps you build an audience and it gives you freedom.

10 September 2016

BIS 01: Abdul Samad from BornBlogger to Share His Blogging Experience

Hello my loyal readers ! today I've started a new category on my blog with the name of "Bloggers Interview" where I'll share world top and famous bloggers and entrepreneurs. This section of my blog was also my dream, because I always want to interviewed all the top inspirational and best bloggers in the world, who living a laptop style life.

So this is my first interview with Pakistan young but inspirational buddy whose name is "Abdul Samad Essani". He is very inspirational blogger and content writer who working as a freelancer and blogger. He managed many blogs but his own blog where he share his blogging experience with their readers called "BornBlogger.Net".

I've found him on Facebook, and after follow him on Facebook, I saw some best things about him. I also reading his blog where he share his blogging experience.

He is very humble and interesting personality on online world, I personally interviewed himself and he didn't neglect me. So I also very thankful to him that he gave me his time for interview. So let's start ! ! !

image: PAkistani Blogger Abdul Samad Essani from "BornBlogger.Net" Share His Blogging Experience
Abdul Samad Essani Interview From BornBlogger

Pakistani Blogger Abdul Samad Essani Interview From BornBlogger

 Now here are some self learning and informative questions which I asked him and he answering them with full confidence. I hope you might be love this interview. 

#1 - Welcome to Techora 

Thanks buddy for inviting me here, I'm not a Pro Blogger but I can call myself a blogger with some knowledge and if you're gonna start a blog then you don't need to become a Pro Blogger but a blogger with some knowledge!

#2 - Please share something about yourself?

I'm 16 years old boy, currently living in Karachi,Pakistan. I came to blogging by seeing a sub domain of muhammadniaz.blogspot.com, I thought what actually is .blogspot.com coming in the site I Immediately opened a new tab and wrote .blogspot.com in it. 

I saw a blogger platform, I created a domain called abdulsamadessani.blogspot.com and copied the whole blog of Muhammad Niaz after sometime the blog was deleted by Google DMCA, it was the worst day of my life, I checked what's the reason behind then I came to know that copying contents is not blogging, making your own content is blogging. 

From the day my blogs deleted I promised myself never to be a copycat and become your own identity. Now Alhamdullilah I create my contents on my one and only blog "BornBlogger" with passion to teach newbies and guide them the right path. I have now 4-5 years of experience in blogging!

#3 - Blogging have different definition for different person. What is it for you?

Blogging is something that can make you open minded and it's a way to become famous. It is the way to make a living online and become your own "Identity". 

#4 - How did you start blogging?

As I said above, I started it by inspiring from a .blogspot.com subdomain. 

#5 - Which difficulties are you face in beginning level?

At that time only Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai CEO and Founder of Mybloggertricks.com was having the tutorials from basic to advanced, He is one and only mentor of mine in the world of blogging. I never faced big difficulties in blogging because I was having the dedication to stand out and do something for my future!

#6 - What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths are my parents and my mentors.

If you think that about weakness then you become more weak and weak!

#7 - What techniques are you using to drive more traffic on your blog?

SEO - The first and only technique I recommended to any blogger among the blogosphere that try to learn SEO. If you become an SEO consultant then sky will be your only limit!

I wrote whole guide about SEO, If you really want to become SEO expert then I really recommand you to read this! >> SEO GUIDE (http://bornblogger.net/seo-guide/).

Social Media - I'm getting very much traffic from social media, it's really a nice way to get traffic to newly made blog!

#8 - What are the best way to use social media and how everyone should use it?

The social media is the key to success in my mind. The best way to use social media is use it in positive way not in negative way. Don't waste your whole day in using social media, it's only a way to dis-attract people from their works. 

I'm really wasting my time on social media, if I give this much towards my blog then sky will be my only limit! Now I'm thinking to do my business rather than spending so much time on social medias. Nevertheless, this is the best and awesome way to bring traffic towards your blog if you do some smart work!

#9 - After how much time you receive your first check?

After 1 year of my blogging career I started getting money from blogging because I never give up and work harder and harder to make a living online!

#10 - Make money blogging is easy or difficult?

It's not that easy as we think and not that difficult as newbies think. You just need to do some hard and smart work and you'll surely get some juicy fruits (Money). 

#11 - Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration is my mentor who sacrified very much from a Plastic bag seller to Entrepreneur, the one and only Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai! 

#12 - Which tools do you use on daily basis to get more work done in short time and to improve productivity?

I use premium tools like:

1. Long Tail Pro
2. SEMrush
3. Moz
4. Majestic

and the list goes on! These tools are very much good and best for client projects!

#13 - What is your daily routine and what do you to become more productive?

My daily routine is really bad nowadays because of lots of client projects. I wake up at 8AM or sometime 6PM, it depends on work but I love to go gym to become more productive.

#14 -Any message for my readers?

I just wanna say that never ever become copy cat in this field, don't forget "Google" is very smarter than you. I faced this situation and had really bad experiences with them. Don't try to earn in the very first month. First Learn then remove "L". ;)

Thank you so much for reading this small and young man personal blogging experience. I hope you'll learn a lot from this Bloggers Interview Series (BIS). I've also interview from all other best bloggers in the world. So stay tuned and for stay updated from my latest articles, subscribe my newsletters. 

9 September 2016

13 SEO Checklist to Do for Blog Posts Before Hit "Publish" Button

If you're a writer, freelancer or blogger then I think we can both agree about the phrase - Writing blog posts ain't an easy stuff. Writing SEO Optimized blog posts was a very difficult thing and our whole focus on creating quality blog posts for our loyal readers.

If you're a blogger, then you've seen and listen many times on the internet, "Content is King". If you can create quality contents, then believe me, blogging is for you. 

image: 13 SEO Tips to Do Before Publishing Blog Posts / Articles
13 SEO Checklists to Do Before Publishing Blog Posts

If you're able to create quality blog posts, then readers and search engines too, automatically attract to you and your ranking will increase automatically. Search engines loves quality contents, and readers only want information, so it is very important for us to write SEO optimized articles that our readers like and share.

I've seen many times, people get started blogging, because they think it is a very simple think just like as clicking on their hand, simply "Add New Blog Post" and write something about it that describe what you want to tell to your readers and hit on "Publish" button.

Then they hopelessly wait for some likes, social sharing, comments on their posts, but no one comes because readers wants information and new & fresh content.

So if you want to writing quality contents which are unique, fresh and valuable for your readers then follow these 13 SEO checklists that you do before publishing blog posts. 

If you do it properly, then believe me your ranking will be automatically increase within days because search engines loves and like unique and quality contents.

13 SEO Checklist to Do Before Publishing Blog Posts

#1 -Do Keyword Research

People think that is doesn't matter, but if you want to become a professional writer and blogger, then always remember that, "keyword Research" is only the very first thing to do for higher ranking, because without this, you can't even get ranked in search engines.

You can simply use Google Keyword Tool for doing keyword research. But there are also many other ways to do keyword research.

You can also use some best keyword tools that are the great alternatives to Google Planner Tool which helps you a lot for finding targeted keywords and competing your competitors.

#2 - Optimize Your Post Title (Headlines)

Headlines are the very first thing which is seen to everyone before whole story.

People just read headings / post title of your post, and if it is attractive then they try to read out your whole article.

Always research your primary keyword and include your keyword in post title that helps you to getting higher ranking, because search engine indexed your titles and display in the results shown to Google user's.

Also design your title and make it more catchy and attractive, because if you want to attract more visitors then always make your title more awesome and eye catching.

#3 - Fine-Tuning Your Post URL / Web Address

URL or Web address of every single articles into your blog is different. So you can always optimized it with different ways.

When you find your targeted keyword and include it into your post title, then same targeted keyword use in your post URL / permalinks.

Search engines index it and when any one search the term on the search engine, robots will find that search keyword in post URL, and if it is exist into your post, then there are very high chances for you to getting higher ranking.

#4 - Meta Description (Upto 150 Characters)

This is my 4th best SEO checklist which is known as Meta tag description.

This description is different of every single page into your blog. It is make sure that you can able to select extremely fully SEO optimized and descriptive text upto 150 characters that is easy to read.

In SERP (Search Engine Result Page) only upto 150 - 160 characters shown and if your meta description long, then it must be hide in search results. So it is very important for you to write only upto 150 characters long meta description and include your primary keyword in it also.

#5 - Use Images In Your Posts

Images speaks better than texts. Generally images have a deep affects as compared to text to peoples and people get more attracted from images.

It grab more attention from your readers also break up your article and share something different thoughts inside your articles.

These all things are above, because the biggest benefit of use images inside blog posts is the SEO. Search engine loves those web pages where images are used with texts.

So always optimize your images using ALT tag, because search engine only understand and read about the image of what about is? After reading their ALT tag.

Simply use these three basic rules and optimize your images.

1 - Always save your images as "image-name.jpg" before uploading them to web server.

2 - Don't forget to add ALT Tag.

3 - Use Title Tag too with ALT Tag.

4 - Crop and Resize Your Images

5 - If copy from elsewhere, then always add source of that images.

These rules are important and if you apply properly then your images get ranking. That means, you'll get more traffic via images search engines.

#6 - Use Relevant Videos

It is very important for you, if you want to adding your videos inside your post, then always doing is wisely and choose only relevant videos.

It is very beneficial for SEO point of view, by adding a video to a blog post makes it as more complete resource and fully optimized blog post.

If you've a business / company then always create more videos and use inside your blog posts. It helps you to get more organic traffic from search engines.

Search engine loves blogs, that have a video inside their articles. But this is not an important thing to add it. But if you try it and use properly then you might get higher ranking.

#7 - Always Use H1, H2 Headings

Headings always plays important role in any place whether offline or online. It also break up your articles just like images. Headings provide you very big-time SEO benefits.

Generally, H1 headings use in post title. If you've a blog on WordPress, then their all templates by default use H1 in title. Almost in all CMS system, it is use by default.

Don't use again H1 heading inside article, because search engine doesn't allow. But you can target the primary keyword in H2 heading which you can use inside your post.

Search engine robots prefer H1 heading more then H2 and all other by row. Always target the same keyword which you use in H1 heading also use in H2 heading inside post.

This will helps to increase your website traffic from search engines. You can also use all other headings like H3, H4 etc and important editing tags like Bold, italic, underline too, which are important in SEO.

#8 - Break Your Text into Pieces (Paragraphs)

If you don't space and break your texts and write in a sequence then anyone doesn't understand what you write. If you write your post in a single paragraph, your readers doesn't read it properly and within a few time they bored and hopefully leave your site.

It is very important for you to break your texts into small paragraphs that looks more pretty and awesome and easy to understand.

Also improve your writing skills more and write awesome style paragraphs and optimize it as much as you can. Also try to use headings of each paragraph. If not possible, then use headings where possible and make your article look more attractive and readable.

#9 - Always Care About Keyword Density

Many newbies doesn't care about keyword density and writing articles on any topic and use keywords as much as they can and think that they get ranked easily without any hesitation. 

But this tactics comes under "Keyword Stuffing". Don't be a spammer, always write naturally and care about keyword density.

Generally, density is about 1.5% to 2% only. But people use many same keywords and this thing comes to keyword stuffing and this manners drop down your ranking and sometime search engine block your site.

In 500 words article you can use upto 10 primary keywords only and if you use above this limit, then it comes to under keyword stuffing and Google don't be allow this thing.

#10 - Use Some Call to Actions

Call-to-action is something marketing material that you use at the end, or start or between your every single post. It is very important to encourage your readers to do something that helps you to engaged with readers.

Like you can encourage your readers at the end of every blog post to comment below this post with some relevant but tricky question, so who one interested to your article, then they try to answer the question which helps your blog engagement grow.

There are many other important and popular call-to-action stuffs like share the post, doing it, read more, relevant contents, surveys, like us, buy it etc.

#11 - Do Deep Interlinking of Your Old Posts

As you already published many blog posts into your blog. Interlinking is the most powerful way / tool for the ranking pages. Links are plays important role in SEO.

In between articles, you can interlink to your previous published articles that helps your readers to read your previous posts too and make these posts live forever.

Search engines do prefer those web pages that contains quality interlinking, because they known behind every single link, the whole web page exists which describe all about the same anchor texts.

But don't be crazy about it. Always choose anchor texts wisely and create internal links of your old posts to your new posts. This helps you to increase your page views / impressions and also visibility in search engines .

#12 - Focus on Quality not Quantity

Content is king and without content your blog just a garbage bag. If you cannot produce quality contents then blogging is not for you. 

Many newbies just reading some articles, and writing to any particular topic as much as they can and cannot care of the quality of the post. 

Search engines tells to webmasters, always focus on the quality not quantity. If you writing article about 1000+ words and solve any problem. But the same article solve the problem just in 400 words, it means you're only focus on quantity. 

Search engine only loves quality articles, so always focus on your quality and write useful informative and descriptive article in an awesome writing styles that your readers loves.

#13 - Do Proofreading

Proofread is important stuff if you want to share a valuable resource with your readers. In first attempt, not all be set properly.

If you review your whole blog posts then you'll find many errors which loss your ranking. So first of all grammar check your whole post and correct all spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.

Then all correct all other mistakes. Proofread is very important especially if you want to write a professional article. This may sound monotonous, but believe me it is not bad idea if you proofread your whole article. 

These are my whole study 13 Best SEO Checklist to Do before publishing your blog posts. These tips helps you to get higher ranking easily in SERP. As much traffic you receive on your blog, as much money you earn.

If you find this article helpful for others then must share it just for support me. For any further knowledge or your kind suggestions comment below or simply contact me.